Second-hand ships

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Would you buy a used spacecraft from this humanoid?
Murgh's Rusties

Some shipyards will offer, when available, second-hand ships at reduced prices. Commanders low on funds can trade in a new, unequipped ship for a used model and make enough on the deal to fit it out with more formidable weaponry, better defences and other hardware.

Although space-legal, a second-hand vessel will not match the performance characteristics of a new model. Many also suffer from reduced reliability, and the extra maintenance costs will add up over time. Pilots of pre-owned ships may face other issues, too, such as unusual control systems, fittings designed for other species, and residual odours. However, none of these are insurmountable; and with plenty of loving care a second-hand craft can carry you clear across the galaxy.

Access the shipyard while docked by twice pressing either F3 or 3.


  • Author: Murgh
  • License: Murgh has recently issued a blanket license for all of his original work (see his page linked above)
  • Date: 2006


  • M-Pack (rusties) OXP makes second-hand versions of all the Classic Elite ships available in shipyards.
  • Alternate download on here.