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This OXP gives the system of Diso in Galaxy 1 a make-over. Four new planets are added to the system, one of which has an orbital station. A nebula effect is also added, making Diso one of the prettiest systems in the Galaxies.

An old OXP, predating the rejig of commodities with v.1.82 - the market in Diso B is accordingly broken.


There was an early attempt to redefine the Old Worlds sector (in which Diso is located) as systems with just one planet in each of them. This oxp conflicts with that (as do all the other ambient oxp's which add planets)!

 Lave is the central planet of an unusual collection of systems. These systems, collectively known as the Old Worlds, are comprised of a single star and planet, and all planets are at the correct orbit and have the necessary characteristics to support carbon-based life.
 From Lave


  • Version 1.1, 2010-11-02: Fixed docking problem and impact on/from other Nebulae by Eric Walch
  • Version 1.0, 2006-08-05: Initial release by Murgh
This was the first addition of extra planets to a Solar System (they also have moons). The Vanilla game just has the one planet in each system.


Diso B2 Station - the first "second orbital station" against Diso's nebulous heavens

You can download the Diso OXP from Box.


  • See here to fix the market in Diso B!
  • You may like to look here: How to tweak OXZ's if you have not done this before.


It seems that Murgh originally uploaded it to Oosat2 (once located on this website prior to being blasted by Thargoids!).

Permission to update Murgh's .oxp's

...of course you may feel totally free to update any of the old OXPs or otherwise make use of the old scraps if they can still hold appeal. It would be very cool for me if something from so long ago could even in a small part manage to survive through the ages, along with the simple and brilliant concept of Oolite...
((Old) Murgh 2021)