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The reptiloid Skrounks of the planet Enata in Galaxy 3 began constructing starships as a means of generating income when they discovered that zero-G cricket would not make their world rich. In this endeavour, they decided that quality was better than quantity, and designed the Starhawk class cruiser. Rather difficult to construct due to its design complexity, it was a formidable, although not overpowering, starship. Recent updates to the design have alleviated many of the maintenance problems involved, thereby reducing the number of forced-labor maintenance crew suicides and improving overall efficiency of the Skrounk All-Stars Limited business.

The success of the Starhawk as a pirate vessel and well-armed commercial trader resulted in GalCop investigating and eventually purchasing a modified version of the vessel for mid-range patrol and intercept duties, and the income from this transaction allowed All-Stars Limited to produce another ship, which they decided to name the Starbelly ("Starpouch" was vetoed by a marsupial-rights activist group that found it offensive). This name, to the Skrounks (who have never taken well to Galacto as a language), implied that the ship had a larger cargo capacity. It was a success as well, and the Seymour class version of it has seen wide sales among the well-to-do trading companies of the galaxies.

Following this boon to their now thoroughly fattened resources, they released the Starwolf class as a smaller alternative to the Starbelly and Seymour classes. Now competing with themselves, the Skrounks had a civil war which accomplished nothing, and then went about becoming recluses. Their ships are still popular in some galaxies, and their gigantic commercial freighters have recently been returned to commercial service after a stint in some backwater system carrying dirt around.

Ships in this OXP

All Stars Large Freighter sm.png
All Stars Large Freighter
Seymour Class Cargo Sled sm.png
Seymour Class
Starbelly Class Sled sm.png
Starbelly Class
Starhawk Class Cruiser sm.png
Starwolf MkI sm.png

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