Long Range Cruiser (Oolite)

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Long Range Cruiser (Oolite)
Adck lrc.png
Size (W×H×L) 958m×563m×4125m
Cargo capacity 2000 TC
Cargo bay extension N/A
Maximum speed 0.225 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 0.3
Pitch: 0.15
Energy banks Unknown
Energy recharge rate

Excellent (6)

Gun mounts None
Missile slots None
Shield boosters available No
Military shields available No
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player No
Base price N/A
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Tales from the spacelanes...

So there I am a few days ago, having dabbled in this and that trading, transport, bounty hunting, and helping the war effort on the side. I was already back up to dangerous with over 1200 kills but still had not really found my primary income. Then I discover the joys of salvage (Towbar), so now the only time I kill a Python is when the fool refuses to hit the escape pod. What really clinched it for me was when I came across a Pirate Frigate. I swear, the first thought that crossed my mind was not 'how did they get one of those', not 'this is gonna be tough with him and his buddies', no, it was... 'Oh my god I wonder what I can get for salvaging one of those'! Sadly, I have not yet managed to make a Frigate drop the pods. :(

Today, the high point had been when those crazy Tigers hit me at the witch point with 4 groups at once. Yup, 4 Pythons and 12+ other ships. I'm getting tired of seeing these guys, they just do not learn. Apparently I don't either, because do I run? Ha! Bring it on. I manage to survive, having killed everything but the "Big Rigs", which should have clued them in (RUN AWAY) but they stay in for the end, I have to respect them for that. I managed to get three to eject, the fourth went down with his ship. I've got four salvage drones on my Cobra III and three Pythons fairly close, so I drop a drone on each as quickly as I could inject between them, so they head for the Dredger at about the same time. Soon as I have a bearing on the Dredger I head that way, coming across about eight more pirates, three Pythons and assorted trash. I take down everything but 2 of the Pythons which I convinced escaping would be the better plan. Now the problem is, I only have one salvage drone left. Hmmmm, I'm on almost a direct line between the dredger and the witchpoint beacon, so I drop a drone on one and hightail it for the dredger hoping they have more drones.

They do, and I restock and run back. I get to the last python and hit him with a drone just as the Tiger pack is passing by, so now I have 5 Pythons inbound for the dredger. It was glorious. (insert evil laughter)

I'm thinking I had hit the highpoint, when later on I jump into another system. The Tigers have apparently gotten a clue, because no one is waiting for me. I look around and see laser fire... around what appears to be a Long Range Cruiser! As I get closer on full injection, I realize it's not a fight around the cruiser, it's a pack of pirates attacking the defenseless beast. Civilians can be such morons at times, where is their defense? Bah. So as I start in on them I see flames from the Cruiser, Uh-oh. I manage to save the day or so I thought, the cloud of cargo I thought was from a fugitive Cobra III was actually... escape pods?!? After hurriedly ah "rescuing" them, I turn around and see the Cruiser when it dawns on me.... I just rescued the crew... of a now abandoned Long Range Cruiser. Can even a Super Dredger handle one of these? I'm about to find out. Sadly, apparently not today, all 4 salvage drones failed with various messages, pretty much translating to "Are you out of your mind?" Ah well. Spartan (2011)


The Long Range Cruiser is available in the: Bulk Haulers OXP.