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Commander Ranthe

"A 'Conda jockey and proud of it!"

Ranthe is a Red Furry Wolfoid originally hailing from Esdi in Chart 2. While Esdi is listed in the Galactic Registry as populated by "Human Colonials", Ranthe's race was the original native species on Esdi until the arrival of humans. However, years of immigration by Galactic Co-Operative citizens coupled with a decline in the Esdian population resulted in Ranthe's people becoming a minority on their own world.

As a pup Ranthe always dreamed of voyaging among the stars, the wanderlust having bitten him early in life, and after spending several years working his way around the Eight as a shiphand Ranthe eventually enrolled in the prestigious Lave Academy and graduated as a commander in his own right. He joined both the The Independent Traders and Hauliers Association and The Bounty Hunter's Guild, and worked his way up to a GalCop ranking of "Dangerous" through various escort and bounty contracts.

The thrill of commerce however remained Ranthe's passion, and eventually he decided to dedicate his spaceborn career to being a bulk trader, trading in a Boa Class Cruiser for an Anaconda. This however has not prevented Ranthe from offering his services as a combat pilot to those in need, despite the effect it may have on his trading activities: the Red Furry Wolfoid is now considered an enemy of the Ramazan State after siding with the Ramazan Liberation Front and blowing up both a Funnelweb transport and the Zarian witchspace beacon with a Q-bomb.


'Atomic Annie' in flight

Ranthe currently commands the trading vessel Atomic Annie (GCR-618867564), an Anaconda-class bulk heavy transport built in the Smivs shipyards. Operating primarily as a solo trader, she has been sufficiently outfitted with shield boosters and military lasers to be casually considered having an "iron-ass" rating, although her primary form of self-defence is her fuel-injectors for escaping the scene of a battle.

Atomic Annie can typically be distinguished from other Anacondas in the spaceways by the pin-up style hull artwork painted on her sides.

Ranthe's previous commands:


Medical Anaconda - adds NPC Hospital Ships and escorts to the game.


Ranthe's player lives in Paraparaumu, New Zealand, (TL 8, Mainly Agricultural, Multi-Government), and is in imminent danger of succumbing to the Dark Side(TM) of writing Oolite-fic and OXPs.