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This OXP provides new start options for Jamesons - the Modern Start. In the standard new game, the player starts with a extremely basic Cobra Mark III, with almost no equipment installed. Everything is an upgrade, including many things that would seem to have been obvious for machines built around 3200AD. How can a ship so advanced not even have the ability to quickly target other ships, or show information on the HUD, right from the start?

So we have the "Modern Start" - a start position that adds equipment considered standard in most other space trading/combat games: fuel injectors, fuel scoops, the scanner targeting enhancement and a simplified targeting system.

There are six versions to choose from:

  • Standard: Start in a Cobra Mark III with the modern start equipment.
  • Medium: Start in a Moray Star Boat with the modern start equipment.
  • Hard: Start in a Cobra Mark I with the modern start equipment.
  • Harder: Start in an Adder with the modern start equipment.
  • Miner: Start in a mining Cobra Mark I with the modern start equipment as well as an aft-fitted mining laser.
  • Hauler: Start in a slightly beaten-up Python with the modern start equipment.

Required OXP's

The following OXP's are listed as required:


Download ModernStart.oxz v1.1 (downloaded 1291 times).


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Version History


  • Corrected values for medium, hard and harder scenarios.


  • Initial release

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