Pirate Clan Blitzspears

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The first of the Pan-Galaxy Outlaw clans to rise through the leadership of some diabolical criminal genius. What are his, or indeed hers or, further indeed, its future plans? Will their nefarious example be followed by others? The answers are out there...


This expansion pack introduces the following ships, all of which are playable.


The OXP was written by Amen Brick.

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Pirate Clan One: The Blitzspears

Difficulty Rating

"Medium" to "Hard". This OXP adds powerful new ships, which might also spawn in the role "pirate". At the same time, you get the opportunity to buy one of these ships for yourself. If you chose to install this OXP, more variety is added to the game. This OXP adds more variety to the ships you will encounter in the space lanes and find for sale in Shipyards. Due to their very high energy recharge rate, high speeds, agility and often small size, these ships can prove to be very hard to kill even for experienced commanders, and probably even impossible to kill if the player has not outfitted his ship with powerful offensive weaponry like military lasers. But since avoiding combat and fleeing is always an option, and the ships added by this oxp have no higher offensive capabilities than other ships, this oxp is still suited for commanders with average experience, while at the same time it proves to be a challenge for deadly commanders if they choose to fight. This OXP is a SHIPS OXP.


Version History

v1.0 Original release
v1.1 Mainly graphical changes

Installing and Playing

To play the OXP, unzip the download file. This will create a file named "AAACrooks.OXP". Move this file into Oolite's AddOns folder, these ships will then be available the next time Oolite is started.


Chaky's rejig of Blitzspears (open and tweak!): I had to... I just had to... I couldn't help it.. It was chasing me and it was too fast.

Amen Brick's other oxp