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Head to a planet of technical level 9, or above, where you can purchase the Trading Assistant from the ship outfitters for 2012 credits. Trading Assistant will not be offered in the ship outfitters in communist systems. Being an artificial intelligence, and not heavy equipment, Trading Assistant is portable between ships, and will stay with you if you buy a new ship in the shipyard.

Once purchased, the Trading Assistant will:-

1) Monitor your cargo trades in real time, and give an immediate warning if you are paying unusually high prices, or selling for low prices that are likely to result in unprofitable trading.

2) Record the prices you pay for cargo, and display a list of the average prices paid for each cargo type.

3) Offer recommendations of which commodities to buy and sell, based on current market prices.

4) Remind you about cargo that has been aboard too long, taking up valuable space.

5) Show an information screen revealing which commodities you have traded most profitably over time.

6) AI Trading Assistant OXP now includes Autotrade ATS. Autotrade is the original and genuine fully Automatic Trading System. By default Autotrade is off, to enable it go to the trading assistant screen (from the F4 interfaces screen) and select either fast or slow trading mode.

Twenty-two seconds after you view the commodity market screen Autotrade will begin trading on your behalf, fully automatically. Make a nice cup of tea, sit back and watch as Autotrade takes the effort out of trading. Why press buttons yourself when Autotrade can do it for you? (You can, of course, continue to trade normally yourself while Autotrade is trading.)


Please use this forum thread for questions, comments or difficulties related to this OXP. This OXP was created by Wildeblood.


OXP withdrawn on 21/12/2015 (as not compatible with Oolite v.1.82); do not download. Version history available under page history tab at top.

Some of this functionality is currently provided by Market Observer


The changes in game code for trading in v.1.82 killed off this oxp. It included a suite of assistant OXZ's: AI Trading Turbotrader, AI Trading Purchase Book, AI Trading with Yoda & AI Trading Autotrade Report and was compatible with Market Observer.

A mirror download site is here: MarketAide 1.2 - and see also User:Wildeblood for older versions.

Trade Route Planner

Wildeblood also experimented with a Trade Route Planner (2014)