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D.T.T. Mk.I
D.T.T. Wraith
D.T.T. Space Zeppelin

Paradox created a large of number of ships - and also wrote Oofiction.


  • D.T.T. Atlas adds a bulk-cargo hauler, similar in specs to the Anaconda, but with 4 integral Passenger Berths.
  • D.T.T. Cyclops adds a large bulk-cargo hauler, along the lines of the Anaconda, but faster.
  • D.T.T. Galaxy Liner adds a player-flyable Luxury Cruise Liner.
  • D.T.T. Heart of Gold adds the famous 'Heart of Gold' spaceship from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • D.T.T. Kraken A medium capacity cargo hauler, slightly larger and faster than a Boa.
  • D.T.T. Manta A stylish and elegant all-rounder, roughly on a par with a Cobra Mk-III.
  • D.T.T. MK-1 adds a general purpose cargo ship, with overall specs similar to a Cobra Mk-III.
  • D.T.T. Planet Express adds the famous Planet Express delivery ship from the TV series Futurama.
  • D.T.T. Snake Charmer Specs similar to a Cobra Mk III, but has 4 integral passenger berths built in.
  • D.T.T. Space Zeppelin adds a Steampunk-esque Zeppelin style cargo ship.
  • D.T.T. Tomahawk This stylish and modern-looking general-purpose ship has slightly higher specs than a Cobra Mk-III.
  • D.T.T. War Lance Bigger brother of the Tomahawk, this well-armed, dangerous looking ship is intended to compete with the Boa Mk2.
  • D.T.T. Wraith The Wraith is an excellent bounty-hunter's ship.
  • Heavy Metal Freight Hauler adds a semi-tractor/trailer like ship. Available in single and double trailer versions.



  • Mandoman created a ship which is also called the Paradox