Black Monk Gunship

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Black Monk Gunship
Black Monk Gunship.png
Size (W×H×L) 170m×40m×85m
Cargo capacity 0 TC
Cargo bay extension Not Available
Maximum speed 0.45 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.00
Pitch: 1.00
Energy banks N/A
Energy recharge rate
Gun mounts Double Fore & Rear Turret
Missile slots 6
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player No
Base price 1,000,000 Cr


The foremost symbol of the penalties for not making timely repayment to The Order of the Black Monks of Saint Herod, the Black Monk Gunship is a harbinger of despair and imminent death for the damned and defaulting debtor. Constructed by Griff Research Ltd. and officially registered as the 'Holy Avenger Mark II Dual-Laser Gunship', it bristles with deadly fire-power as well as military-spec offensive and defensive systems. This ship is usually the last thing a Commander who owes the Black Monks money sees as it swoops in for its attack run.

Notable Features

The Black Monk Gunship appears to have an incredibly powerful energy core, as evidenced by its superior defensive shielding and high-yield weapon systems. The Gunship sports two powerful Military Lasers, as well as a Plasma Cannon and a sizeable rack of ECM-Hardened Missiles with which to harass the debtors from afar. When pursuing a debtor, it has been witnessed that the Black Monks will allow no-one to interfere with their sacred duty, even the largest vessels in GalCop's arsenals are not enough to deter them.

Tales from the spacelanes...

I just destroyed my first Black Monk Gunship-- and lived to tell about it!

I was just sitting at the nav beacon, waiting for a wormhole to snatch a free ride. I hear the electronic ululation of an ECM and see an Anaconda taking fire - what fiend would attack such a mighty ship within the station's aegis??? I put my superhero costume on and rush to engage the offender. Just then, I hear the Anaconda whimper about paying the Black Monks back. He was a vile defaulter being assailed by a Black Monks Gunship. I ease off the injectors and wait at a distance to snatch his loot when he goes down. In a few moments, though, he stops taking fire... I turn to find the Gunship. It's being nailed on all sides by GalCop Vipers, legal status is Fugitive. Shrugging, I turn my guns on its hide and open fire. It seems that it was on its last leg, because it instantly exploded, and I got all the credit for the Vipers' hard work. All the bounty, too.

To top it all off, I was involved in quite the furball in the next system over and took down two ships, scooping both criminals for bounties. (Among them was a pilot of an Executive Spaceways Long Range Escort - I'm afraid he isn't doing much for the company's reputation.)

Maybe I should go into the bounty hunting business for a while. Those bounties did land me a Shield Booster. by uua90 (2011)


The Black Monk Gunship is part of the Black Monk Monastery OXP.