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This is an index of articles about Oolite expansion packs.

Note that not all OXPs are on the in-game Expansions Manager. Some 700 are, but there are another 400 listed elsewhere: (see OXP List & Guide to Unlisted OXPs)

There would seem to be two main classes of OXP's. Those which create new dimensions to the game and then those which just tweak one aspect of it.

Creating New Dimensions

The following OXPs do this:

  • SOTL Exploration - new game using Oolite the machine: prospect for resources for your stranded mother-ship.
  • SOTL Altmap - "alpha" tweak set in a different galaxy with different politics, trade, ship configuration etc.
  • Strangers World suite of OXPs - some two dozen OXPs which in effect create a new game, more rooted in "reality",and with new challenges arising from this (issues of running out of fuel, for example).
  • Hermitage - a new career managing a rock hermit!
  • FarPlanets - makes something of larger solar systems

Tweaking one Aspect

Don't make the mistake of assuming that these are inconsequential (just adding new lasers, or new textures for ships, for example). Just to mention a handful:

Ship Configuration - this allows you customise your ship, but too much weight or heat-producing equipment will have bad effects...
Smugglers - introduces trade embargoes, black markets, secret compartments...
Diplomancy - introduces embassies selling visas, wars, taxes etc.
Weapon Laws - you now have to hunt for somewhere selling military lasers (just 6 systems in Galaxy 1!)
Feudal States - Jousting challenges, royal courts with missions as well as special stations and ships.
Galactic Navy OXP - naval bases & patrols, interstellar combat with Thargoids, missions...
The Assassins Guild OXP - totally rewrites Galaxy 7

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