In-System Cargo Delivery

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This OXP implements a new type of in-system activity: in-system cargo delivery :-)

Non-combat activity in the Vanilla game is mainly interstellar, not in-system. This is inevitable if you have only one planet with only one main station in each system. But if you have additional planets and moons in the system what do you think of a stimulus to visit these celestial bodies? Curiosity matters, but only initially. In-system short missions seems a good solution to getting people to explore a little. We have some OXPs generating in-system activity such as In-System Taxi (author Spara) etc. I hope that these In-system Cargo Delivery short missions will be a welcomed addition in this part of game.


There are two types of cargo delivery missions:

  • Special cargo delivery - extra equipment for research stations beyond the limits of pre-planned regular supply.
  • Urgent cargo delivery - equipment for recovery from malfunctions and accidents (first-aid kits, auxiliary/backup systems etc).

Neither type of cargo are "cargo" in the common sense - each is a 5 ton container installed in the cargo bay as an equipment unit. It is loaded after mission selection and removed upon arrival at the correct destination port.

The mission selection interface on the F4 page (Ship, System & Status Controls) is now hidden after start-up - it reveals only after docking at the system's main station!

In-system cargo delivery missions generate for extra planet landing ports only - not for the main planet ports, nor for moon ports, nor for space stations! You need a ship with Planet Landing Capability installed and at least 5 tons of free cargo space to accept a mission. Missions will not be offered without satisfying these conditions. You need also at least 250 ₢ for the insurance fee to select mission. The Advanced Space Compass will be very useful for navigation to the destination port, but it is your problem if you hope to be able to navigate by sight without an ASC.

Select your mission after arrival at the main station and you can then save to continue later if you wish - your mission status will be written to your oolite-save file. 250 ₢ will be deducted from your cash - this insurance fee will be returned in the event of a successful delivery. You can also load extra cargo for destination port, if you have free cargo space after installing special/urgent cargo unit. Pick mission, load extra cargo, save and run! Start from main station, lock ASC onto your destination port and fly to your destination. The destination port is displayed on your manifest screen F5-F5. It is obligatory to perform mission without docking at any outside port. It is not a time-limited mission, but in case of docking with any outside port, the cargo container will be removed and the mission will be failed. In case of hyperjumping to another system, the mission will be failed too! The mission will be rated as successful in the case of a cargo delivery into any port on planet of destination. Land, and receive your payment, your refund and congratulations!

Features and dependences

This package minimum requirement is Oolite 1.82.

  • Planetary Compass OXZ (author - Thargoid) is mandatory to generate missions correctly.
  • PlanetLand (author - stranger - only available in Russian from Roolite) is recommended, but this OXP compatible with PlanetFall (author Thargoid) too.
  • Planetary Systems (author - stranger) is also recommended, but you can use Additional Planets SR (authors Redspear, spara, phkb) instead as you wish. In any case no planets - no missions :-)


  • Thargoid - Planetary Compass.
  • Commander Vasig - discussion and testing.
  • phkb - code refining and fixing some grammar errors.
  • Background image for mission screens taken from BGS (authors P.A.Groove, Phantor Gorth, Thargoid, Svengali and Tricky).


This OXP is released under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 3.0 license.
You are free to use and distribute this OXP on non-commercial basis.
Rebundling of this OXP within another distribution is permitted as long as it is unchanged.
Any mods/derivatives of this OXP must be distributed under another names.
The license information (either as this file or merged into a larger one) must be included in the OXP.

Version history

30.01.2019 - Version 0.6.0	Fixed error in handling of repeated mission query.
				Premium cash displayed in integer numbers.
30.01.2019 - Version 0.5.2	Fixed error in manifest.plist
30.01.2019 - Version 0.5.1	Converted to OXZ
08.08.2018 - Version 0.5.0	Fixed flawed code generating too many urgent missions.
				Probability of accidents generating urgent missions tweaked.
14.05.2018 - Version 0.4.1	Improvements made by phkb:
				Condition script for special/urgent cargo unit equipment added.
				Some grammar errors fixed.
				Missing “use strict” statement added to CargoDelivery.js
20.04.2018 - Version 0.4	Bug in mission offering condition check fixed.
				Advanced calculation of payment based on system danger index.
				Code edited to satisfy OXP Standards recommendations.
				manifest.plist added.
10.04.2016 - Version 0.3	Obsolete code lines (used on pre-release testing) removed.
07.04.2016 - Version 0.2	Mission generator readjusted.
06.04.2016 - Version 0.1	Initial release - internal testing.