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Cobra Mk.4 (Oolite) and Additional Planets

Additional Planets SR (for System Redux) was originally designed to create additional planets in the solar systems using the textures from the System Redux and System Demux OXPs, while allowing the main planets textures to be taken from the Povray Planets texture packs.


  • Over 200 textures are made available for planets and moons
  • These textures are quite different to those for the main planet
  • Textures sets can be combined as wished by the user, with Oolite's native textures taking the place of any 'missing' sets
  • Gas Giants are given a separate planetary class, and are significantly larger than other planets.
  • Cinematic placement of bodies. You can now see all of the main planet's moons from the witchpoint and planets are kept away from the sun so as not to highlight how small it is.
OXPConfig compatible.png
  • Much easier to customise. Besides the texture packs themselves, you can also set max planets and moons within a system (with no strict limits). Other elements, such as rarity of gas giants, can also be adjusted. The default settings (maximum 4 planets with up to 3 moons each) are adjustable with OXPConfig or by tweaking the OXP. Expansion is outwards and there is no limit.

The Additional Planets suite of OXPs

  • Additional Planets SR Base the game mechanism to operate the texture packs below
  • Additional Planets Redux Pack the old system redux textures, featuring clouds & moons: textures to match each planet's F7 description
  • Additional Planets Demux Pack the old system demux textures, 32 planets & 32 moons
  • Additional Planets SR Demux Volcanic Pack
  • Additional Planets SR: Earthlike
  • Additional Planets SR: Alien Worlds
  • Additional Planets SR: Ocean Worlds
  • Additional Planets SR Others Gas Giants pack
  • Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps dusty
  • Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps icy
  • Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps rocky

These 11 OXZs are downloaded as usual through the in-game Expansions Manager

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GalCop Health Warnings

  • Note that these packs were first created in 2013. Oolite versions 1.88 & 1.90 (2018-20) allow for more sophisticated planet renderings.
  • Conflicts with Strangers World solar systems which use a different game mechanic.
  • Clashes with the now deprecated System Redux, System Demux and DeepHorizon Systems oxps.



This work was originally initiated by Redspear by tweaking System Demux and combining textures from various sources. Later scripting by Spara used System Redux as a base to provide compatibility with numerous other oxps that have been tuned to work with System Redux. For that reason this oxp internally uses the name System Redux.


One problem however is that whilst they often look different they don't always look good.
Throw in the fact that you'll likely need a greater than normal sun distance and things can get rather dark and obscured. (Redspear's BB thread 2019)

The older OXPs: