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Stranger's World

Roolite is another Oolite website - in Russian!


Created by Seventh who also designed the current Oolite logo and a major overhaul of our English-language website.

Site Layout

Forum (in green in the red scanner at the top). From the selection:

Discussion of the game and OXP
Creation of OXP
Author's headings
Translations and Russification
Elite and other games of the genre
On other topics

Choose the first (Discussion of the game and OXP). You will be presented with a new set of choices:

Of public VK ( seventh ) 		
Oolite - questions and answers ( stranger ) 		
Ooniversum [Per page: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ] ( stranger ) 		
Gallery [Per page: 1 ... 15 , 16 , 17 ] ( seventh ) 		 	
Links only !!! on our OXR ( Tch ) 		 	
Oolite 1.90 ( stranger ) 		
Joystick selection and configuration ( sanata )

Select the second (Oolite - questions and answers (stranger)) - there is a long and insightful essay by Stranger on both the good and bad points of Oolite.


The Russian-speaking Ooliters seem to have been very interested in making Oolite more realistic.

Roolite contains much of Stranger's work - and insightful discussion. But there has been other work done by Rustem, Stimer/Timer, Vasig, etc. There have also been 2 Russian Language translations for the Vanilla game as well as Russian versions of - for example - the Planetfall OXP. Much of this work was done around 2009-12.

Selected gems from Roolite

Stranger's Oeuvre


  • Hal's Hot Sister for "Supercobra" - see the Sounds page
  • ВПЧ produced a dozen or so Russian oxp's back in the v.1.76 - 1.77 era
  • Tch's Box account (2014)

Other people

  • Timer: introduced the equipment modification (b) key in the Vanilla game code, and wrote several oxp's
  • Rustem: wrote several oxp's and also tweaks for Orbits and Additional Planets