HUD Toggle

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Banishes your HUD to allow the taking of pristine, uncluttered, screenshots.

The HUD Toggle works as primable kit. When primed, all you need to do is hit the 'n' key, and your HUD will disappear/reappear. No need to pause the game to grab a spur-of-the-moment screenshot. Used in conjunction with a joystick button set to take screenshots, it's effectively a gun-cam. Action or eye-candy screenshots become easy to take, even in the midst of combat.


  • CC BY-NC-SA 4
  • Author: Cody: I'm indebted to cim for the code. All I did was drop it into the appropriate folders.


Gameplay and Balance indicator


For fanatical snap-shotters, this is the OXP of your dreams. No more faffing about with pauses and banishments of your HUD, this little expansion does it all for you!