Galactic Hyperdrive Reimagined

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Reusable Galactic Hyperdrive


  • Galactic Hyperdrive is no longer a one charge item (unlike the Vanilla game version)
  • however, it must be charged in order to be used - requiring fuel scooped directly from a star
  • upon entry to a new galaxy there is a random amount of 'spacetime reorientation' adding potentially 'days' onto the ship's clock


The vanilla game Galactic Hyperdrive takes no time to transfer you to your new galaxy. The third point above will therefore impact on time-sensitive missions. This has yet to be sorted out.

The future

As well as sorting out the impact on missions, Redspear may well require the charging to be done by scooping particular stars.


  • Author: Redspear
  • License: As yet unknown, but there will be one.