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SOTL Altmap (galaxy)
SOTL Altmap (market)
SOTL Exploration (gravity scanner)
SOTL Exploration (hyperspace travel)

This category collects not-working categorisation from poorly filled-in templates. Listed OXP pages will need to be categorised manually.

The most common reason for appearing here seems to be misuse of the "Quick Info" template:

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.2.10 2020-06-30 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Hud MFD ooops!! phkb, zireael Oolite BB

... where the author dared to put something sensible in the Category entry: HUD rather than HUDs OXPs for instance.

The following categories work properly:

|category = Activities OXPs
|category = Ambience OXPs
|category = Dockables OXPs
|category = Equipment OXPs
|category = HUDs OXPs
|category = Mechanics OXPs
|category = Misc OXPs
|category = Missions OXPs
|category = Retextures OXPs
|category = Ships
|category = Systems OXPs
|category = Weapons OXPs

To fix: check against a working template in the desired category to get the precise jargon needed.

Not to be confused with Guide to Unlisted OXPs, Brilliant but broken..., Category:Broken OXPs, Category:Demo OXPs or the List of Lost OXP's

SOTL Altmap & Exploration are currently permanent members here as there seems no real home for them.

Note: this is a maintenance category, and will hopefully be empty. Please do not delete it when you find it empty.


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