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Example of a 5.5ly jump radius from Lave (Cobra Mk.III starts with 5.6ly)

Reduces hyperjump distances


This OXP is designed to add some variety to the range and behaviour of the hyperdrives of various in-game ships.

Some caution is advised as this will limit the range of both core and .oxp player ships alike.

A ship's hyperdrive determines both how far it can travel in a single jump (hyperspace range) and also how quickly it can initiate such a jump (hyperspace countdown). With the addition of various pieces of equipment, such as an extra energy unit or a wormhole scanner, the (reduced) maximum range can be increased.

Player ships will no longer exhibit uniform hyperspace behaviour although non-player ships (where such behaviour is usually less obvious) remain unaffected. The maximum single jump range of 7.0 lightyears remains unaltered.


  • Hyperspace countdown time becomes a factor of ship size - generally speaking, the bigger the ship, the longer the countdown.
  • Hyperdrive range can be boosted by purchasing various core items of equipment (and reduced should they become damaged).

The standard Cobra MkIII range is now reduced to 5.6ly (just enough to get from Lave to Zaonce).

This can be increased with any of EEU, Galactic Hyperdrive, ANA and Wormhole Scanner - and they act cumulatively.


The idea is to grant all of the the playable core ships added by Illicit Unlock with at least some hyperdrive capability (very minimal in some cases). This enables the player to experience a more harsh version of Hyperdrives whilst also making some of the more challenging starts presented by Illicit Unlock a little more appealing.

Hyperdrive Capabilty (LY)

Orbital Shuttle / Worm Miner
0 - 1.6 (almost useless)
2.4 - 4.0
2.8 - 4.4
Gecko / Sidewinder Escort
3.2 - 4.8
3.6 - 5.2
Krait / Mamba Escort
4 - 5.6
4.4 - 6.0
Viper Pursuit / Transporter Miner
4.8 - 6.4
5.2 - 6.8
The others (inc.Cobra Mk.III)
5.6 - 7.0

Equipment bonus of +0.4LY:

Advanced Navigational Array
Extra Energy Unit
Galactic Hyperdrive
Wormhole Scanner


  • This OXP needs Oolite v1.80.


v0.7 changes

Illicit Unlock compatible and 'Easy-Tweak' design

v0.6 changes

Changed minimum jump range to a less draconian 5.6LY: enough to reach almost everywhere in galaxy 1.
Made equipment bonuses slightly more generous.

v0.5 changes

Separated jump limit from fuel limit; thereby tidying HUD display, fuel scooping, injector use and fuel purchase.

v0.4 changes

Standardised range for all ships. Base range of 5LY, max of 7LY.

v0.3 changes

Base range now based on 'tech' of ship - estimated via recharge rate of oxp ships and 'inservice date' of elite ships.
Varied hyperspace countdown time according to ship size - estimated via cargo capacity in the case of .oxp ships.

v0.2 changes

Fixed bug with fuel availability
Made all equipment bonuses equal +1 light year range but with a maximum total bonus of +2 from equipment.


This oxp limits the fuel capacity (and therefore the hyperdrive range) of the player ship according to an assigned base value plus modifiers according to equipment purchased.
Base value of 5.5LY:
Boa Cruiser
Base value of 5LY:
Cobra Mk III; Anaconda; Boa
Base value of 4.5LY:
Adder; Moray; Fer-de-Lance; Python
Base value of 4LY:
Cobra Mk I; Viper Interceptor; Constrictor
Base Value of 3.5LY:
Asp Mk II
For oxp ships the formula used is:
recharge rate + (cargo capacity /50)
Equipment bunuses:
Equipment bonus of +0.5LY:
Energy Unit; Galactic Hyperdrive
Equipment bonus of +1LY:
Wormhole Scanner



Quick facts

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