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Goods Containers downworld (Lerelace) - FE Shipyards assures compatibility with land transport vehicles.

FE Shipyards

FE Shipyards is pleased to announce an initial production run of externally mounted cargo cannisters, to be attached to the hardpoints of any available missile pylon. The following capacities are becoming available in the Equipment departments of most reputable shipyards:

  • The 10-ton container for 10,000 cr (tech level 6+)
  • The 20-ton container for 20,000 cr (tech level 6+).
  • The 30-ton container for 30,000 cr (tech level 6+).
  • The 40-ton container for 40,000 cr (tech level 6+).
  • The 50-ton container for 50,000 cr (tech level 6+).

We supply both "cannister" and "container" variants - the former with a rectangular frame adaptor for transport vehicles downworld, as well as shuttle offloading by machine. In addition, FE Shipyards has begun production of special cargo cannisters in the "pod" class for use expressly with our Auxiliary Pylon.

Goods Container "cannister" variant with downworld frame adapter.

Attachment points ('hardpoints') on the ship weapons pylons must be modified to clamp the containers before fitting. Delays are therefore unavoidable. Installation time for the 20-ton container, for example, is an estimated 2.5 Lave days.


Upon sale of goods, the container is detached for shipment downworld or for Station wholesale or retail. A fresh container is then affixed and loaded with your choice of commodities. Thus when 'buying' a container or cannister, you are in effect purchasing a per-pylon licence to carry the particular container class.

Once unloaded at the downworld receiving-point or warehouse, FE Shipyards' empty containers are shuttled back to Station for cleaning, refitting or repair. Depending on care and planetary conditions, the useful lifetime for one of our containers is expected to be between 10 and 35 Lave years.


To help ensure longevity, the trader will pay to G.E.T a periodic maintenance fee (0.05 of cost) for each container licenced.

A small handling fee (0.005 of cost) will be taken for each container upon docking. This is merely to cover our attachment/detachment & loading/unloading services.

Per container, and to restore pylons for weapons-use, the trader will be charged a dismantling fee (0.1 of cost) upon cancellation of their licence (ie. when 'selling' or 'unmounting' at the shipyard).

Guilders may optionally apply for an exemption to the handling and dismantling fees.

Should a trader jettison one of our containers in deep space, a mishandling charge will be levied upon docking. The mishandling charge shall be equal to the container's cost.


A note on the size of a 20-foot (6 m) Goods Container

The '20 TC' Goods Container's dimensions - in Lave metres - are:

6.10 m long x 2.44 m wide x 2.59 m high

That is to say, equal to the Galcop-mandated standard downworld size for this class of transport container. Sizes of our other container products may readily be extrapolated from these measurements.

Taking the Cobra III FE's quoted hull dimensions of 130 x 81 x 34 metres, it is not hard to see that a 20-ton Goods Container's external profile is negligible - just a small bump/bulge on the underside of the craft: only a little larger than the missile or mine it replaces.

Downworld, a 6 m container’s unloaded weight is 2,300 kg and can, in theory, be loaded to a maximum weight of 28 tons (25,400 kg). However, this depends in large part on the possible restrictions and/or limitations of the shipping line, the nature of the cargo, planet gravity, and specific details of the shipment.

In space there is of course no weight - only mass and volume. A recent G.E.T. feasibility study has shown that there would be no impediment to developing Containers of 30, 40, 50, and 100 tons. As a result, their go-ahead has been given to the FE Shipyards to proceed with production.

Watch this page for news.


Some example capacities, using FE Ships as a baseline:

20-ton Container:

Adder FE: 15 TC base + cargo bay extension = 30 TC + 1x Goods Container = 50 TC.

Krait FE: 17 TC base + 4x Goods Containers = 97 TC.

Viper II FE: 30 TC base + cargo bay extension = 45 TC + 3x Goods Containers = 105 TC.

Asp II FE: 75 TC base + cargo bay extension = 90 TC + 1x Goods Container = 110 TC.

Cobra Mk 3 FE: 55 TC base + cargo bay extension = 70 TC + 4x Goods Containers = 150 TC.

50-ton Container:

Adder FE: 15 TC base + cargo bay extension = 30 TC + 1x Goods Container = 80 TC.

Asp II FE: 75 TC base + cargo bay extension = 90 TC + 1x Goods Container = 140 TC.

Viper II FE: 30 TC base + cargo bay extension = 45 TC + 3x Goods Containers = 195 TC.

Krait FE: 17 TC base + 4x Goods Containers = 217 TC.

Cobra Mk 3 FE: 55 TC base + cargo bay extension = 70 TC + 4x Goods Containers = 270 TC.

Each pylon may carry a different capacity container if desired.

I-2 Containers

FE Shipyards is proud to announce the introduction of our Iteration 2 line of Goods Containers. I-2 Containers are larger, more durable and more reliable than their I-1 counterparts, and have an expected useful lifetime of 40-65 Lave years.

The initial manufacturing phase is already in progress, turning out I-2 containers in the 20 to 50 TC range for immediate preferential trial by traders with more than one Lave year on our customer lists, and all Guilders of Grade 1 and above.

Our services to you, our regular and valued customer, extend to on-Station information displays of charges levied, number of containers of a particular class carried, other useful data, and for all FE shipowners and Guilders the privileged option to waive all handling and dismantling fees.

I-2 Trials

Obtain here your working Licence for:

10 TC Goods Container Class (2.0)

20 TC Goods Container Class (2.0)

30 TC Goods Container Class (2.0)

40 TC Goods Container Class (2.0)

50 TC Goods Container Class (2.0)

or download all Containers as a single package:

10-50 TC Goods Container Class (meta-pack, 2.0)

Just unzip your choice of these OXPs to the Oolite-->AddOns folder. If Oolite sends you any red conflict messages, you will need to go to your in-game Expansions Manager and remove the old (I-1) Container OXZ.


Since Goods Containers are technically classed as mines, they are not to be dropped in flight. And you are advised to run with weapons offline while carrying them.

As a precautionary step prior to purchasing your first Goods Container, please unmount and sell all pylon mounted weapons in the shipyard first. You will receive notification confirming completion of your container installation, and then you may verify your vessel's increased total capacity via your F5F5 Manifest.

Note: our Goods Containers are compatible with regular missile pylons only: for our Auxiliary Pylon, a different mode of attachment has been developed, making the operation faster and less accident-prone.

Quick Facts

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