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This is Tionisla Station Control, how may we be of service?

I'll have 20 canisters of computers, 12 of luxuries, 3 machinery and ... a cascade mine as well please.

Can you confirm the last item please Sir?

A quirium cascade mine.

...Mines are not available at this station Sir.

Fine, fit me a rear military laser then.

Sir, this is a civilian facility, we encourage neither sale nor purchase of military hardware.

...Have you ever even left this station?... How's a lone trader supposed to survive out there against gangs of pirates?

This is a high tech democracy Sir, we have a well trained and extremely well equipped police force.

Pirates aren't as stupid as you folks within the aegis seem to think - they WAIT for viper patrols to pass.

...I'm sorry Sir, perhaps you'd like to try in one of the less 'monitored' systems.

Without Weapon Laws, just pick the safest milk run you can find, rinse and repeat, then soon enough you'll be piloting a fearsomely armed death machine, ready to take on anything. Not any more...

GalCop doesn't want pirates flying around and it certainly doesn't want to be supplying them with weapons. If a pilot wants anything fiercer than a mining laser then he, she or whomever is going to have to head somewhere a little out of the average Jameson's comfort zone in order to get it.

Generally speaking, the more dangerous the item, the more dangerous the system in which you'll find it for sale.

Tech level restrictions remain however and so some items will now be much rarer due to the combination of Tech level and political restrictions: the Military Shield enhancement can no longer be bought in Ceesxe, Inera, Onrira or Tianve. It is now only buyable in Xexedi - and also Ascension if you have Famous Planets installed.

Military Laser: banned! Now only available in Biarge, Gerete, Teraed, Cemave, Xezaor & Zasoceat


   Corporate States
   Kindly note the dialogue above! None of the below are buyable. Number of systems where purchase is possible is listed below (where this is less than 10).
   ECM (from TL3), Pulse lasers (from TL4), Shield boosters (from TL11)
   Missiles (from TL2), Military Shield Enhancement (from TL14 - Xexedi only)
   Communist States
   Beam lasers (from TL5), Target System Memory Expansion (from TL9), Scanner Targeting Enhancement (from TL12 - there are 10 such systems only in Galaxy 1)
   ECM hardened missile (from TL10 - there are 9 of them), Multi-Targeting System (from TL6)
   Military lasers (from TL11 - there are 6 of them), Integrated Targeting System (from TL12 - there are 3 of them)
   Feudal States
   Quirium cascade mine (from TL7)
   Energy bomb (...if the oxp is installed, from TL8 - there are 6 of them)


  • Trims the often 3+ page f3 screen down to something more manageable in many systems
  • Closer to typical risk/reward behaviour for game design
  • Prevents 'iron-assing' in the safer systems

To Do?:

  • Compatibility with other equipment altering .oxps
  • Possibly add counterbalance whereby some equipment only available in safer systems
  • Incorporate relevant .oxp equipment items


  • 1.4 AppleMac friendly
  • 1.3 Only works with Oolite 1.89 upwards - because of code change, removed energy bomb (but compatible with the energy bomb oxp), Compatibile with Laser Combat Reimagined & Missile Combat Reimagined
  • 1.2 Energy Bomb included (Cim credited), ECM restrictions removed (for compatibility with Missile Combat Reimagined.oxp)
  • 1.1 Tweaked restrictions to take account of number of high tech systems with unstable politics which actually exist in Galaxies!


  • Oolite v1.90 or later for 1.4. No dependencies on other OXPs.
  • Be aware that Famous Planets OXP changes the TL9 Anarchy Sori into the now very useful TL16 Anarchy Ascension


Dybal & Phkb have hopefully sorted this out in the new vanilla game code for Oolite v.1.92

Redspear has meanwhile come up with another fix for these in v.1.5

  • Escape Pod - if you use this, your insurance will not replace your old lasers if the system prohibits their sale


Do not unzip the .oxz file, just move into the AddOns folder of your Oolite installation.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 4.0.

If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please send a PM to Redspear at the Oolite Bulletin board.



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