FPO Zaonce

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FPO (Famous Planets Overhaul) Zaonce - an overhaul of Sector1/Zaonce based on the Famous Planets description. For the enhanced graphics of Oolite version 1.90

This OXP changes visual appearance of Zaonce using custom 4096 x 2048 textures for diffuse and specular maps.

Conflicts and dependencies

Any packages using script to redefine Zaonce texture, such as Povray Planets, will overwrite the FPO Zaonce texture. In case of custom Zaonce textures redefined in planetinfo.plist result will be dependent from loading order. The latest planetinfo.plist in loading order has highest priority. For example, another_commander's Lave is Earth will load before FPO Zaonce and FPO Zaonce will have priority. But if you have an old OXP with a custom Zaonce texture in the AddOn folder, it will load after FPO Zaonce and overwrite it. In any case having one custom texture for one planet, not several, is right.


  • Mask for continent was created using modified screenshot from Google Earth free software.
  • Textures for diffuse map from NASA Blue Marble open project.
  • Normal map was created using Earth normal mosaic map (author jestr from Celestia community)
  • Changes made to original normal map include the addition of an alpha channel, a swap of red and green channels and inversion of original green channel.
  • Zaonce description is based on Famous Planets v 2.5 manual (author Pagroove) and Rough Guide to Ooniverse (author Blaze O’Glory aka Disembodied).
  • Thanks to another_commander for inspiration and invaluable technical advice and commander vasig from the Roolite community for initial testing.


Just the two systems - but the best current textures with all the bells and whistles added from Oolite v1.82 and onwards (but not yet with night-lights). This & FPO Lave are just two of some 100+ systems for Galaxies 1&2 covering the Famous Planets - presumably the others are available through Roolite. See Stranger's note here.


  • Zaonce is Venus 8k - a demonstration OXZ by another_commander showcasing the new graphics capabilities of Oolite version 1.90