Zaonce is Venus 8k

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This OXP showcases the improvements on custom planets that were made available since version 1.89. It converts Zaonce to Venus. It uses a 8192 x 4096 texture for diffuse, which is built by combining a surface and a cloud texture into one. Obviously, with such texture size, it is recommended that you use this OXP on reasonably powerful systems. Intel graphics cards will have a hard time with it.

The OXP can be used with Oolite v1.89 and later, but if you run it on v1.91 and later, you will be able to take advantage of the air_density property, which is used to make the planet's atmosphere really thick.


Oolite-992.png Oolite-993.png Oolite-995.png Oolite-997.png


v1.0, 10/12/2020: Initial upload.


OXP created by another_commander.

The diffuse map used is a reprocessed version of two Venus textures combined (surface and clouds), originally from Solar System Scope.

Download and License

The expansion pack can be downloaded from the in-game Expansion Manager and from this link. It is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.