Dockside Services

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The OXZ is actually labelled Wildeblood.interfaces_Screen.oxz in your ManagedAddOns folder.

The F4 screen problems it fixes have already been fixed in the more recent versions of Oolite (since 2014), to whit

1) The spelling mistake in the final screen in ship registration (Galactice Services)
2) The de-nerdification of the Primable Equipment options

OXP Code

Actual Code for reference:

{ // Ship registration "oolite-registership-interface-title" = "Ship registration";

"oolite-registership-instructions-part3" = "Thank you. Your selected personal name and new ship name have been recorded, and will be transmitted to public ship registries in the next daily feed.\n\nIf at any point you wish to change either your own name or that of your ship, you may do so by docking at any Galactic Cooperative station, returning to this interface and entering the new data.";

// primable equipment management "oolite-primablemanager-interface-title" = "Primable equipment";

"oolite-primablemanager-page1-title" = "Set first fast activation (defensive)"; "oolite-primablemanager-page2-title" = "Set second fast activation (attacking)";

"oolite-primablemanager-completed" = "Equipment configuration is complete.\n\nFirst fast activation (defensive):\n [oolite-primable-a]\n\nSecond fast activation (attacking):\n [oolite-primable-b]";