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Sound Sets

Name Short Description
Amiga Replacement Sounds Based on the sound set used in the Amiga version of the original Elite.
BGS (BackgroundSet) Framework for images, sounds and music and takes advantage of the shiny new features in Oolite 1.74.
Captain_Berf_Engineer Voices for crewmembers.
Captain_Berf_Pilot Voices for crewmembers.
Captain Berf Pilot Alien Voices for crewmembers.
Captain Berf Tactical Officer Voices for crewmembers.
CustomSounds This pack replaces or adds over 40 sounds, featuring additional music and extensive use of a calm female computer voice to warn the Commander of alarming events.
Halsis Featuring a female cockpit voice. Sometimes called Hal's Hot Sister.
Hawksound Clean sounds. Quality female computer voice, new weapon, damage and some station interface sounds.
MildAudio Ships 8 sounds. Nearly identical to oosounds3 -Xaotik's Replacement Sounds.
oosounds Ships 4 sounds and is also called Wiggy's Replacement Sounds.
oosounds2 Ships 10 sounds and is also called Murgh's Replacement Sounds.
oosounds3 Ships 8 sounds and is also called Xaotik's Replacement Sounds. Nearly identical to MildAudio.
oosoundsCombined Ships 22 sounds and is also called Combined Murgh, Wiggy & Xaotik's sounds.

Alternative HUDs

HUD images here

Name Short Description
CompactHUD Alternative HUD - clean look.
Deepspace HUD Alternative HUD - two different versions available.
Dr HUD OXP No description available.
Fighter HUD All-in-one turn coordinator. Combined instrument panel for speed, fuel, cabin temperature, laser temperature, altitude. Polarized glass laser sight.
G-HUD Mk2 No description available.
Killer Wolf's Dynamic HUD HUD that switches display according to the current alert status. Oolite 1.74+ required.
Klepto-HUD No description available.
Medusa HUD No description available.
Mega-Walnut Dashboard No description available.
MilSpec HUD OXP Adds targeting aids, emphasis on functionality. Current version is now dynamic, switches according to alert status. Oolite 1.74+ required.
NG HUD No description available.
Trek HUD No description available.

Dockable Objects

More information on Carriers appearing in Oolite can be found here.
More information on Stations appearing in Oolite can be found here.

Name Short Description
Anarchies OXP Hacker Outpost, Salvage Gang, Sentinel Station, and Renegade Station
Aquatics OXP Aquarian Shipbuilding Corp. HQ
The Assassins Guild OXP Navy Station
Baakili Far Trader Adds a dockable Alien ship.
Bank of the Black Monks Black Monk Monastary
Behemoth Adds a dockable Navy Cruiser. Updated from the version on Oosat1.
Behemoths - Shadered
Based on the above oxp, but with 2 new behemoths and shaders, plus many new ships. (Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)
Bulk Haulers Adds many Bulk Haulers to the game, including a retextured version of Aegidians Bulk Hauler as seen in the Oolite video on YouTube, which until recently has not been available to the public. (Requires Big Ships and Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)
BuoyRepair Buoy Repair Facility
Commies Astro Mines, Collective Zero-G Factory, and Solar Laboratory and Production Unit
Deep Space Dredger Adds dockable Space Dredgers to the space lanes, defended by a squad of Sabre fighters. Version 2.3 has new, improved textures.
Dictators OXP Imperial AstroFactory
Diso Navy Station
Dodo Stations OXP v1.1 Retextured Dodo and Ico stations, by Griff and CaptKev. v1.1 updated 18th May 2010.
Feudal States OXP Royal Hunting Lodge
Free Trade Zone Adds an independent trading post of dubious legality to Multi-Government systems.
Fuel Station OXP Adds fly-thru Fuel Stations and Fuel Satellites near the witchpoint and along route one.
Galactic Navy OXP Navy Sector Command Station
Gates OXP Adds short-cut jump gates to suitable systems, speeding journeys between the main station and witchpoint for a fee of only 250Cr.
Globe Station OXP A new type of station appears at advanced systems. (Updated 22/10/2009)
Gritty Coriolis The Corolis Station gets a more detailed texture.
HoOpy Casino HoOpy Casinos appear near the station in advanced systems. Commanders who chose to dock can win or lose credits in games of chance.
Lave Academy OXP Adds the Lave Academy Orbital station above Lave (and now other planets), with three new mini-game tests of the Commanders' ship skills.
Military Station OXP Well armed Military Stations appear in the more advanced systems.
Nuit Space Station OXP Isis Interstellar formally announces the availability of their newest creation, the Nuit space station.
P.A. Groove Stations OXP Adds lots of different types of Coriolis and Dodec Stations.
Planetfall OXP Allows the player to land on and trade at the planets and moons of each system.
Random Hits OXP Space Bar
Superhub v1.2 updated 12th November 2009
Taranis OXP Taranis Corporation HQ
Taxi Galactica Taxi Station
Thargoid Carrier Arms the Thargoids with a vast carrier capital vessel. Many OXPs increase the fire-power available to the GalCop Navy. If you chose to play with these OXPs installed, then you should really give the Bugs a chance and allow them access to this mighty craft!
Tianve Navy Station
S.I.R.F. OXP The station is a repair facility for ships in the systems. First released in 2006 on Oosat 2.
Torus Station Adds a vast 2001 style space station to very high tech level systems.
Trade Outpost Griff trade outpost without ads.
Transhab Station Adds a large station with rotating arms to some medium tech level systems.
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Customisations by Government / Tech Level, Flavour OXPs, System OXPs

Name Short Description
Anarchies OXP Complete overhaul of Oolite's legal rating system.
Asteroid Storm Adds lots of different types of Asteroids to the Universe.
Black Monk Monastery Loansharks / Banking
BlOomberg Markets This expansion varies the in-game economy by generating random events that affect commodity prices.
BuoyRepair Repair company for defect or destroyed nav-beacons. Updated 2010-06-28
Cargo Wreck Teaser OXP Adds lots of different types of cargo canisters.
Commies Communist systems have their own police forces, transports, stations and miners.
Deep Horizons System Redux 2 This Beta release OXP textures the primary (main) planet of an Oolite system based on a combination of economy and tech level using over 40 custom created textures. It also incorporates the ability to add up to 10 moons and 20 additional planets per system, each featuring it's own custom texture. It replaces System Redux 1. Also on the website linked here, are three compatible OXP's, Light Down OXP (which changes system light levels, stars and nebula settings), Gas Giant Skimming OXP (which allows skimming of fuel and rare gases from Gas Giant planets), and Pirate Ambushes OXP (which gives pirates the ability to move the witchpoint beacons in certain systems).
Deep Space Pirates This OXP adds ships outside the space lanes.
Dictators OXP Dictatorship systems gain their own police forces, supply craft and stations.
Famous Planets OXP Adds unique planetary textures to certain planets.
Feudal States The Feudal States is an OXP that adds various new elements to the leading feudal systems in Oolite galaxies.
Furball A barroom brawl that's gotten out of hand. A batch of furious fugitives fleeing from a batch of pissed off police, all on the station's doorstep. You might be ignored, or you might get caught up in it, or you could put your knife between your teeth and dive right in.
Galactic Navy Adds to the already formidable arsenal of the Galactic Navy.
Generation Ships Adds Generation Ships to interstellar space.
Interstellar help OXP Allows you to help out some traders who got stuck in interstellar space without fuel.
Monument A monument to famous Commanders can sometimes be seen near the Sun.
Pirate Traps To combat piracy GalCop sometimes deploys dummies of trade ships. Pirates who fire on them have their details transmitted to the police and face large fines.
Pods OXP Adds lots of different types of cargo canisters.
Racing Rings Adds Racing Rings to the Galaxy 1 systems of Lave and Zaonce.
Random Hits OXP Bounty Hunting.
Saleza Aeronautics High Tech Corporate States gain their own patrol craft.
Snoopers The galactic news network. Updated 2010-09-24
Sunskimmers This OXP adds ships to the sun / planet corridor increasing the chance of meeting other ships whilst sun-skimming.
System Demux Texture the home planet, add a planet/moon combination to each system. An alternative to System Redux 1 and probably conflicts with Deep Horizons System Redux 2.
System Redux Texture the home planet, add a planet/moon combination to each system.
Target Range A Target Range is found in all rich systems with stable governments.
Taxi Galactica Taxi Service
Tionisla Orbital Graveyard Adds the graveyard to the Galaxy 1 system of Tionisla.
TrumbleTreats Become a trumble salesman.
Total Patrol OXP Replaces the default police AIs with a totalPatrolAI which lets police ships patrol between all three major points of the system: planet, witchpoint and sun.
UPS Courier Courier service.
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More information on Oolite Missions can be found here.

Name Short Description
Aquatics OXP Contains a mission based out of the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corp. HQ
The Assassins Guild OXP 21 missions involving murder to order in Galaxy 7.
Asteroid Storm A well known station in Galaxy 1 comes under threat from a large asteroid strike.
Black Monk Monastery Deal with the loan sharks.
BlackjacksBullion OXP Starts in galaxy 2 at Telace as Commander Blackjack arrives via escape pod at the same station you have just docked.
Cataclysm OXP Sends you on a mission far bigger than anything you have done for the Navy so far.
Constrictor Mission Hints v2.0 Gives more hints when doing the native Constrictor Mission.
Deposed OXP A series of missions set in Galaxy 4 for an experienced Commander.
Galactic Navy OXP The Galactic Navy needs you.
Ionics OXP A series of missions set in Galaxy 2 featuring the Ionics Company of Zaria.
Lave Academy OXP Training missions.
Localhero OXP Adds a mission campaign in the first galaxies. (Updated 9.04.2008)
Long Way Around A transport mission well suited to the novice in Galaxy 1.
Lovecats 1.2 Love and betrayal amongst the feline races of Galaxy 4.
Military Fiasco A mission for the Navy available to a Commander with more than 1,000 kills.
Oo-Haul Be offered missions to escort a hauler safely to its destination
Pirate Coves OXP No description available.
Random Hits OXP Bounty Hunting.
Ring Racer OXP Corporate Systems Ring Racing League in Galaxy 1.
The Scourge of The Black Baron A sequel to the Long Way Around mission, featuring combat and transport missions. Well suited to a relative novice in Galaxy 1.
Spy Hunter OXP A mission for the Galactic Navy available to a Commander with a rating of 'Dangerous' or above.
Stealth OXP Small G3 mission to showcase the new scanner capabilities of 1.74 and to introduce stealth ships.
Taranis OXP A mission is also available for law abiding Commanders with a rating of Competent or better.
Thargoid Wars War with the Thargoids intensifies featuring new attack and defense missions.
To Catch a Thargoid The Bugs are back - G3 follow-up mission to Thargoid Plans, for Dangerous or Elite rank Commanders.
Trident Down A series of missions set in Galaxy 4 involving the investigation of a vicious attack on an Trident Shuttle operated by Executive SpaceWays.
UPS Courier The UPS Courier service will randomly offer Commanders the option of taking goods or documents from system to system. Some say experienced Couriers may also be offered combat missions.
Vector OXP Special feature - 'Richmans World' - a unusual mission type. Updated 2010-09-29

Ship Systems

More information on Oolite Equipment can be found here.


Name Short Description
Auto Eject OXP This OXP adds a piece of equipment which ejects your escape pod automatically when your energy becomes too low.
Automatic Chaff System An enhanced chaff-based missile countermeasure system by Wyvern, based on Thargoid's AMS and Ramirez's Chaff Dispenser.
Beer Cooler Allows you to fit your ship with a beer cooler.
Emergency Charge Device Acts as an extra boost to the ships energy supplies in case of emergency.
Bounty Scanner The Bounty Scanner adds bounty details (if any) to the targeting lock-box display when locked onto other ships.
Emergency Charge Device Acts as an extra boost to the ships energy supplies in case of emergency.
Emergency Energy Unit A variance on the Emergency Charge Device.
ETT Homing Beacon Mark a position in space by deploying a pylon mounted beacon.
Fuel Collector The Fuel Collector enables you to very slowly gather fuel whilst cruising in space.
Fuel Tank Mounts in place of a missile, to top up 3 light years of fuel.
HyperCargo Expanded cargo handling system.
Hyperradio This device gives you the ability to listen to your own music. Expandable by musicpacks.
IronHide New range of armour for ships.
Misjump Analyser This analyser scans the witchspace in the direction of the target system.
Missile Analyser This analyser scans incoming missiles and sets the target to the incoming missile when it is no standard missile.
Ore Processor When mounted to a ships fuel scoop systems extracts valuable materials from asteroid fragments. A must for any Commander working as a miner.
Probe Missile Non-lethal missile that flys away and reports on ships found, when it returns it can be scooped and reused. Part of the Armoury OXP.
Repair 'Bots A pylon mounted canister of repair nanobots.
Rock Hermit Locator The Rock Hermit Locator is a piece of equipment for your ship to locate Rock Hermits.
Target Autolock A software update for the standard Scanner Targeting Enhancement equipment that automatically locks onto attacking ships if you have no prior target selected.
Target Reticle A software update for the standard Scanner Targeting Enhancement equipment that automatically turns the reticle red when the target is in the centre of the reticle.
Weapon Rotator The Weapon Rotator rotates your 4 Lasers clockwise or anticlockwise to help you to put the laser that's best for your current task up front.
Welcome Mat Software upgrade for the communications systems to expand the information given to the commander on arrival from witchspace into a new system.


Name Short Description
Armoury OXP New meta-oxp containing AMS, Captured Thargons, Drones, Probe and Missile Rack OXPs functionality plus some other new bombs and the missile machine.
Dragon's Military Smart Missile An improved Hard Head Missile with more bang for your Credit.
Hired Guns Gives the chance to agree a contract for a pair of ships to accompany you on your next journey and fight on your behalf alongside you.
Killit™ insta-death super weapons Adds a bunch of insane super weapons.
Missiles and Bombs Adds the Cascade stand-off missile, Multiple-warhead anti-Thargoid missile, Frag Mine, Frag Missile, EMP Missile and short-range defence missile to the game. The new weapons are available to the player and NPCs alike.
Nuclear Torpedos Adds some powerful, but slow moving, missiles.
Status Quo Q-bomb Changes the behaviour of Q-bombs according to the Status Quo novel. They don't detonate in gravity wells, like close to planets or suns.


Other objects and miscellaneous eyecandy

Name Short Description
Behemoth Spacewar Adds intelligence to the Behemoth and brings a combat with Thargoids
BigShips OXP Adds the new role "bigTrader" to the game, designed for large ships which are unable to dock with stations due to their size. Also includes an AI which can be used for such ships, but DOES NOT include any ships of its own.
Clear Skies Reduces nebula effects. Handy if your system is finding it hard to run Oolite.
Diso Extra planets and stations are added to the Diso system in Galaxy 1.
Display reputation OXP Displays your passenger and contract reputation in your ship's manifest.
Docking Clearance Sets the docking clearance on for all stations in Oolite.
External Views OXP Adds better outside views to all the Classic Elite Ships. Warning: Do not use with Oolite 1.70 and above! From Oolite 1.70 onwards improved outside views have been added to the game itself, so you don't need this OXP anymore. Just throw it away.
FarSun Places suns further away from the planet than standard Oolite. New, improved, and fully compatible with Novae!
Flight Log Adds a simple log screen storing the last 10 systems visited
Freaky Thargoids OXP Shader example, requires Oolite 1.69. With this OXP installed, Thargoids will use the new Shaders. This was one of the first ships with shaders. Starting with 1.74 the shaders for this ship won't work anymore as intended but the ship can still be used if wanted.
Griff's Explosion Debris Adds new alloy & debris models to exploding ships.
Illicit Unlock Allows the player to fly all the Classic Elite Ships.
Illicit Unlock - Griff Version Based on the above, Allows the player to fly Griffs pirate/viper Ships. (Requires Griff's Normalmapped Ships )
JavaScript test OXP Initial JavaScript scripting example, obsolete. (was originally created for Oolite 1.68)
Lave Gives the Lave System a make-over adding all the features described in The Dark Wheel novella included with the original Elite.
Orbits 1.2.1 Positions planets on orbits around the sun. Requires Oolite v1.74.x
OXPConfig This tool gives you the ability to configure several oxps. It changes internal (local) settings of the oxps to enable (or disable) logging or audio functions and special settings to recognize errors or to avoid clashes. (Updated 04/09/2009)
Random Docking Music OXP Plays a randomly selected music track on activating docking computers (slow dock), from a list set inside the OXP.
Registration ID All Oolite standard ships now have ID tags.. You need at least Oolite 1.73 and a Graphics card capable of running shaders on a full setting.
Save Anywhere Save Anywhere allows you to save your game at any OXP Station, instead of only at Main Stations, as in the standard game.
Shady Billboards OXP The Shady Billboards OXP demonstrates shaders in Oolite by displaying adverts from Your Ad Here! on an animated electronic billboard.
Switeck's Mod OXP Rebalancing of ships and market prices. Adds two Jameson saves, for Medium and Hard difficulty.
TAF Reset Resets the Time Acceleration Factor (TAF) to 1.0 upon docking. Requires Oolite v1.73+.
Tianve Adds scenery, including a pulsar, to the Galaxy 1 system of Tianve.

International Versions of Oolite

Ship Sets

Retextures / remodels of the Oolite ships and objects

Ships and Ship Variants

Oolite Ships
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