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Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Accessories OXP
Rock Hermit
Replacement texture set for all the non-ship objects in Oolite. This OXP makes use of the original models but replaces all the textures for the Stations and other non-ship objects, giving them a more detailed and realistic look.
Aegidian's Specials Mussurana
Asp Mark II Special
Ships. The powerful Mussurana and an improved Asp.
Aegidian's X-Ships Python ET Special
Cobra Mk II
Asp Mark II Special
Sidewinder Special
Ships. An improved Python, the experimental Cobra Mk II, the Asp Mark II Special and the Sidewinder Special.
Amen Brick's Pirate Clan One: The Blitzspears Assassin
Ships. The first of the Pan-Galaxy Outlaw clans to rise through the leadership of some diabolical criminal genius. What are his, or indeed hers or, further indeed, its future plans? Will their nefarious example be followed by others? The answers are out there...

All ships in this version are playable. Future versions (probably modular for memory saving reasons) will have more clans, the ability to join clans (if I master the arcane art of programming), stations and missions. Stay untuned, folks.

Amen Brick's Megaships Battleship
Yacht - Amen Class
Ships. Graceful giants cross the galaxies before our eyes. The forlorn Biodome, destined to forever wander the Ooniverse. The Cruiseship taking citizens to holiday planets. The Supercargo ferrying aid to the needy. The private Yacht filled with luxury and the prosaic Superlifter than helps giant ships get to their new homes or their final resting place. Now amended to make spectacular explosions as they try to dock less likely (sorry!)
Amiga Replacement Sounds Sound Set, based on the sound set used in the Amiga version of the original Elite.
Anarchies OXP Hacker Viper
Salvager Phoenix
Salvager Tugger
Hacker Outpost
Salvage Gang
Sentinel Station
Renegade Station
Feature/Ships/Stations. Complete overhaul of Oolite's legal rating system. It gets harder to become clean again. But there are some new ways to achieve this as well: Hacker Outposts can be found in the higher tech Anarchy systems, the criminals willing to clear a fugitive's legal record. For a price of course! Salvage Gangs are spread all over the Ooniverse, providing good equipment deals. Those in Anarchy systems offer a service similar to the Hacker Outposts as well. Sentinel Stations are placed in some of the worst Anarchies. But beware! Some of them have been overthrown by the pirates and are now Renegade Stations. Good news for the pirates among the players, because these are as close to a safe-haven for you as it gets! All of these also feature their own ships.
Anti-Missile System
(Now part of the Armoury OXP)
Equipment. Adds the anti-missile system, designed to offer a defence against non-standard missiles via automatically firing interceptor darts (6 per launcher, replenishable). Requires Missile Analyser OXP by Eric Walch.
Aphid Escort Service Aphid Ships. Adds the stylish Aphid escort service.
Aquatics Manta Ray
Man O' War
Box Escort
Conger Cargo Hauler
Hawksbill Fuel Tanker
HammerHead Hauler Carrier
Leviathan System Platform
Orca Destroyer
Aquarian Shipbuilding Corp. HQ Ships/mission/station. Ships from the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation of Aqualina, G3. Also includes a brand new station (the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corp. HQ) plus a mission based out of it. And who knows, there may be a few more surprises in there too...
Armoured Transport
Type 1
Gaundlet Armoured Transport Type 1
Gaundlet Armoured Escort Viper
Ships. Convoys of well armed craft ferry gold and other valuables through the space lanes. Only a pirate with an Iron Ass would dream of attempting a robbery!
Equipment. New meta-oxp containing AMS, Captured Thargons, Drones, Probe and Missile Rack OXPs functionality plus some other new bombs and the missile machine.
Assassins Guild OXP
Daemon Class Cruiser
Scorpion Frigate
'Balrog' Class Dreadnaught
Navy Station Missions / Ships / Stations / Planets. 21 missions involving murder to order in Galaxy 7, available to experienced Commanders amoral enough to gain admittance to the sinister Assassins Guild.
Asteroid Storm
Feature / Mission. Adds lots of different types of Asteroids to the Universe. A Mission is also included, well suited to a novice Commander. A well known station in Galaxy 1 comes under threat from a large asteroid strike. This updated version contains higher quality rocks and needs Oolite 1.74 (Older version are still available).
Aurora Aurora BigTraders. Huge passenger ships for the wealthiest in society.
Auto Eject OXP
Equipment. This OXP adds a piece of equipment which ejects your escape pod automatically when your energy becomes too low.
Automatic Chaff System
Equipment. An enhanced chaff-based missile countermeasure system by Wyvern, based on Thargoid's AMS and Ramirez's Chaff Dispenser.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Baakili Far Trader Baakili Far Trader Ships. Adds a dockable Alien ship.
Bandersnatch Bandersnatch Ships. Adds a pirate capital vessel armed with 4 x fore lasers. (Bugfixed at November 2009)
Bank of the Black Monks Black Monk Gunship Black Monk Monastery Feature / Mission. Monks aboard well armed stations appear in advanced systems. Loans are offered, defaulters will be exterminated! Two versions of the OXP are available, the Non-Shader Bank of the Black Monks OXP' and the 'Shady Bank of the Black Monks OXP'. The Non-Shader Version will run on all versions of Oolite. The Shady version uses Shaders and requires Version 1.71 or higher of Oolite. Slow Systems will struggle to run the Shady Version, so if you find installing it is slowing your system down too much, then try the Non-Shady Version.
Behemoth Navy Asp
Navy Viper
Behemoth Ships. Adds a dockable Navy Cruiser. Updated from the version on Oosat1.
Behemoths - Shadered
Navy Asp
Navy Viper
Navy Frigate
Navy Medical Ship
Navy Minesweeper
Navy Transport
Navy Shuttle
Navy Lander
Behemoth - Type 1
Behemoth - Type 2
Behemoth - Type 3
Behemoth - Type 4
Military Station Type 1
Military Station Type 2
Ships. Based on the above oxp and Galactic Navy OXP, but with 2 new behemoths and shaders, plus many new ships. (Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)
Behemoth Spacewar Patch. Adds intelligence to the Behemoth and brings a combat with Thargoids
BGS (BackgroundSet)
Feature. Backgroundset (or short BGS) is a framework for images, sounds and music and takes advantage of the shiny new features in Oolite 1.74 (and higher).
Big Ships Ships (ish). Adds the new role "bigTrader" to the game, designed for large ships which are unable to dock with stations due to their size. Also includes an AI which can be used for such ships, but DOES NOT include any ships of its own.
BlackJacks Bullion OXP Missions. Starts in galaxy 2 at Telace as Commander Blackjack arrives via escape pod at the same station you have just docked.
Also contains two rare coloured S.T.E's available for player purchase.
BlOomberg Markets OXP Feature. This expansion varies the in-game economy by generating random events that affect commodity prices. News bulletins advise players of the latest market trends and you can use this information to help maximise your profit.
Boa II Clipper Class Boa II Clipper Class Ships. A development of the Boa Class Cruiser, adding a third engine making it faster, at the cost of 25 TC of cargo space.
Boomslang Boomslang Ships. Adds a mid-range multi-role ship. Used by pirates and traders alike.
Bounty Scanner
Equipment. The Bounty Scanner adds bounty details (if any) to the targeting lock-box display when locked onto other ships.
Bulk Haulers
(by ADCK)
Lynx Bulk Carrier
Long Range Cruiser
Bulk Hauler
Super Bulk Hauler
Ships. Adds many Bulk Haulers to the game, including a retextured version of Aegidians Bulk Hauler as seen in the Oolite video on YouTube, which until recently has not been available to the public. (Requires Big Ships and Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)
Buoy Repair Facility Feature. Repair company for defect or destroyed nav-beacons.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Caduceus OXP Caduceus Ships. Adds the very expensive (and deadly) Caduceus, which has six broadside-mounted auto-targeting plasma cannons.
Capisastra OXP Capisastra Defender
Capisastra Hauler
Capisastra Warrior
Ships. Capisatra pirates appear in Galaxy 4.
Captain Berf Engineer Voices for crewmembers.
Captain Berf Pilot Voices for crewmembers.
Captain Berf Pilot Alien Voices for crewmembers.
Captain Berf Tactical Officer Voices for crewmembers.
Captured Thargons
(see Armoury OXP)
Equipment. Gives the possibility for player ships to carry and launch captured and reprogrammed Thargon robot fighters
Cargo & Wrecks V1.6.2
Cargo. Adds lots of different types of cargo canisters.
Cataclysm OXP Mission. "Cataclysm.oxp is a mission OXP that takes up the threads of the native Constrictor Hunt and Thargoid Plans missions, and sends you on a mission far bigger than anything you have done for the Navy so far. It gives you the opportunity to re-visit places you have visited before, and re-meet people you had contact with during these missions. And of course it will let you meet various other people, and lead you to a lot of new places, some of which you probably haven't visited before."
Clear Skies Utility. Reduces nebula effects. Handy if your system is finding it hard to run Oolite.
Chopped Cobra Cobra Mk 3.5 Ships. A slightly faster and tougher variation on the classic Cobra Mk III, at the price of a reduced cargo bay.
Cobra Clipper SAR Cobra Clipper SAR Ships. A custom Cobra Mk III to rescue stranded Commanders.
Cobra III NjX Cobra III NjX Ships. A faster, tougher variation on the Classic Cobra Mk III.
Combined Murgh, Wiggy & Xaotik's sounds Sound Set.
Commies v2.11
Ray Mk I
Giant Ray
Mining Pods
Scavenger Rays
Sturgeon Mk I
Worker's Commuter
Astro Mines
Collective Zero-G Factory
Solar Laboratory and Production Unit
Feature / Ships / Stations. Commie systems have their own police forces, transports, stations and miners.
CompactHUD Alternative HUD - clean look.
Condor Condor Ships. A very powerful police and Navy Cruiser.
Constrictor Mission Hints OXP
Hints. Adds more hints for those doing the native Constrictor Mission. By Arexack Heretic. Updated to JS.
Contractor ZZ1
Contractor ZZ1 Ships. This Oolite Expansion Pack (OXP), developed by Smivs, adds a new class of ship, the Contractor, to the game. This ship occassionally appears in the game as a Bounty Hunter, and rarely as a Pirate. The Contractor is player-purchaseable.
Croydon Starsoarer
Starsoarer Ships. First new ship from a design discussed on the BB's Ship Concepts thread. The ship is similar to the Asp in specification.
CustomSounds Sound Sets. The largest of the currently available sound sets, this pack replaces or adds over 40 sounds, featuring additional music and extensive use of a calm female computer voice to warn the Commander of alarming events.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Dark Wheel Cobra Dark Wheel Cobra Ships. A custom Cobra Mk III model, as seen on the cover of the Elite Manual.
Deep Horizons System Redux 2 v0.5.1
Flavour. This Beta release OXP textures the primary (main) planet of an Oolite system based on a combination of economy and tech level using over 40 custom created textures. It also incorporates the ability to add up to 10 moons and 20 additional planets per system, each featuring it's own custom texture. It replaces System Redux 1. Also on the website linked here, are three compatible OXP's, Light Down OXP (which changes system light levels, stars and nebula settings), Gas Giant Skimming OXP (which allows skimming of fuel and rare gases from Gas Giant planets), and Pirate Ambushes OXP (which gives pirates the ability to move the witchpoint beacons in certain systems).
Deep Space Dredger 2.4.2 Sabre Deep Space Dredger Ships. Adds dockable Space Dredgers to the space lanes, defended by a squad of Saber fighters. Version 2.3 has new, improved textures.
Deep Space Pirates Feature. Normally in Oolite ships do not appear outside the space lanes. This OXP adds ships outside the space lanes. As no police patrols extend this far out pirates and other unpleasant characters can be found in deep space.
Deepspace HUD Alternative HUD. Two versions available.
Deepspace Ships Oolite Ships replacement set. Replaces the default ships with new textures.
Deposed 1.3.4 Mission. A series of missions set in Galaxy 4 for an experienced Commander. This version is now mission-offering. compatible with other OXPs.
Dictators OXP Imperial Censor
Imperial Freighter
Imperial Lictor
Imperial Quaestor
Imperial Tanker
Junta Enforcer
Revolutionary Guard
Imperial AstroFactory Feature / Ships / Stations. Dictatorship systems gain their own police forces, supply craft and stations.
Diso Navy Station Planets / Stations. Extra planets and stations are added to the Diso system in Galaxy 1.
Display Reputation v1.1 Utility. Displays your passenger and contract reputation in your ship's manifest.
Docking Clearance Utility. Sets the docking clearance on for all stations in Oolite. Click on this link for further explanation.
Dodo Stations OXP v1.1
Dodecahedron Stations Stations. Retextured Dodo and Ico stations, by Griff and CaptKev. v1.1 updated 18th May 2010.
Dr HUD OXP Alternative HUD.
Dragon Assault Craft Dragon Assault Craft Ships / Equipment. Adds the Dragon Assault Craft, a heavy combat ship available in several different paint-jobs. Also adds the Military Smart Missile, an improved Hard Head Missile with more bang for your Credit. Both the ship and missile are available to the player and NPCs alike.
Dragonfly/Firefly S.T Dragonfly S.T
Firefly S.T
Ships. Adds the Dragonfly S.T and also the much faster Firefly S.T variant. Small fast ideal ship for pirates or bounty hunters.
(Now part of the Armoury OXP)
Weapons. Three new autonomous drones to help the player (and NPCs) in combat. Fire and forget, with targeting taken from the ships scanning computers. Variants are the combat drone (standard fighting drone), the kamikaze drone (upgraded with a low yield warhead) and anti-Thargoid drone (GalCop commission, with stronger lasers and better speed and manoeuvrability, plus battle computer optimisation to seek and destroy Thargoid vessels). All can be recovered and possibly re-used if they survive battle.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Eagle Mk II Eagle Mk II Ships. Adds the cheap Eagle Mk II escort vessel in several different versions, including an enhanced SE.
Eagles Mk's I to IV
Eagle Mk 1
Eagle Mk 2
Eagle Mk 3
Eagle Mk 4
Ships. Adds 4 Eagle Long Range Fighters to the game, There are 8 different colours to each Eagle, and 4 player versions. Made by ADCK. (Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)
Energy Equipment Equipment. The emergency charge device - a pylon-mounted top-up for the ships systems, and the emergency energy unit - an internally fitted automatically triggered top-up when the juice runs low.
ETT Homing Beacon Equipment. Mark a position in space by deploying a pylon mounted beacon.
Executive SpaceWays Delta Long-Range Escort
Gemini Escort
Starseeker Personal Shuttle
Strelka Cruise Liner
Trident Executive Shuttle
Ships. Adds the Executive SpaceWays fleet of ships.
External Views Utility. Adds better outside views to all the Classic Elite Ships. Warning: Do not use with Oolite 1.70 and above! From Oolite 1.70 onwards improved outside views have been added to the game itself, so you don't need this OXP anymore. Just throw it away.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Famous Planets v2.5
Flavour. Unique planetary textures for more than 89 planets throughout Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2. Adds new planetary descriptions to the F7 screen. And theme tunes for 10 planets on arrival.
Famous Planets Liners OXP Ships. This OXP adds Spaceway Liners on the 4 spaceways from Lave to Zadies. You can find a map on the Bulletin Board. Just search for the latest version of Presti70's trading map of Galaxy 1. It is a separate OXP but is designed to complement the upcoming Famous Planets v2.
Far Arm ships
Manchi Vulture
Manchi Wasp
Ships. This OXP adds 10 ships, inspired by Paul Neurath's Space Rogue to the Ooniverse. There is also a new alien race called the Manchi, who pilot ships of bizarre design. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
Far Star OXP Far Star Murderer Ships. A mid-range fighter / trader, with a fair sized cargo bay.
Farsun v1.05 Utility. Places suns further away from the planet than standard Oolite. New, improved, and fully compatible with Novae!
Fer de Lance NG OXP Fer de Lance NG Ships. Adds a more powerful version of the Fer de Lance with several custom paint jobs.
Ferdepai Ferdepai Ships. Adds a new fighter / trader to Galaxy 2.
Feudal States OXP
Royal Hunting Lodge Flavour. The Feudal States is an OXP that adds various new elements to the leading feudal systems in Oolite galaxies. The current version is v1.7, released on 8 July 2010 and covers Galaxies 1, 2, 3 and 5.
Fighter HUD Alternative HUD.
Firewasp Firewasp Ships. A fast interceptor.
Flight Log
Feature. Adds a log of the last 10 systems visited.
Flying Dutchman OXP Griff Wireframe Cobra Feature / Ships. Adds the small chance to meet a Ghost Ship in the Ooniverse. What is it? Some claim that it's the ghost of Commander Peter Jameson, reported lost at the end of the last Thargoid War, others that it is simply a manifestation of all those lost souls who were trapped in the trackless depths of interstellar space. One common story is the trail of bad luck and hideous deaths that follow in the wake of the ship's sightings...
Freaky Thargoids OXP
Shader example, requires Oolite 1.69. With this OXP installed, Thargoids will use the new Shaders. This was one of the first ships with shaders.
Version with new shaders that work with Oolite 1.74 .
Free Trade Zone v0.14
Free Trade Zone Stations. Adds an independent trading post of dubious legality to Multi-Government systems.
Frog Space Rickshaw
Frog Space Rickshaw Ships. Adds a chatty space taxi service to the safer systems.
Fuel Collector Equipment. The Fuel Collector enables you to very slowly gather fuel whilst cruising in space, whether en-route to a station, or in interstellar space should a witch-jump malfunction occur. You can also gather any unburnt fuel from destroyed ships as well as tap fuel from derelict or abandoned ships.
Fuel Station OXP Fuel Station Station. Adds fly-thru Fuel Stations and Fuel Satellites near the witchpoint and along route one.
Fuel Tank Equipment. Mounts in place of a missile, to top up 3 light years of fuel.
Flavour. A barroom brawl that's gotten out of hand. A batch of furious fugitives fleeing from a batch of pissed off police, all on the station's doorstep. You might be ignored, or you might get caught up in it, or you could put your knife between your teeth and dive right in.


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