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Hailing from the Seosu system in Galaxy 4, The Capisastra are a diminutive race of amphibians who appear somewhat froglike. They are a warlike and belligerent race who have engaged GalCop forces on many occasions.

They are thought to be one of the oldest spacefaring races in the galaxy, predating almost all of the spacefaring races thus far encountered. Many worlds, including Earth, have reported possible encounters with this race throughout their history.


Seosu is a jungle-like world. The Capisastra were not the dominant creature on their planet originally, but through time eliminated the competitors to become number one. Their tenacity has allowed them to evolve into strong, resilient warriors.

The Capisastra are a very organised race, but their society is built on power. They are very competitive and have fallen into factions. The last count placed the number of factions at 7. These factions will, however, place any bad blood aside whilst in space.

The planet Seosu is alarmingly low on natural resources. Water is scarce and animals are at dangerously low numbers. This was originally the impetus for the Capisastra space programme as they looked to the stars for ways to keep thier race alive. They do trade on occasion, but their nature seems to drive them to conflict if their demands for aid are not met to their wishes.

Presence in Space

Their battle fleets are legendary, and many tales have been recounted of these fleets descending upon unsuspecting planets. These fleets are often described as scavenger fleets, since the Capisastra will land upon planets and begin mining many of the natural resources of each world.

The beligerent nature of the Capisastra was demonstrated when they boarded and over-ran the GalCop Coriolis space station that orbited their planet, slaughtering the inhabitants and using the station's controls to disable the Witchpoint Beacon, effectively removing Seosu from the Galactic Charts and making travel to the system impossible. The Capisastra maintain a link to their homeworld by sending coded messages requesting Witchpoint Beacon activation moments before they activate their Witchspace Drives.

Ships and Weapons

Their ships are geared towards planetary assault, but do have considerable capacity to defend themselves in space. Their most fearsome weapon is the grav bomb, which contains high explosive charges as well as energy charges. These are fired from the relative rear of the ship. In planetary assaults, however, these ships descend to earth using their main engines to brake their descent. This places the grav bomb tube to the bottom of the ship's angle of attack. During these assaults, the ships use lateral pulse engines to manoeuvre to avoid attack from the planetary defence systems.

They have three classes of ships that are commonly seen. The first, usually seen at the forefront of battle, is a dedicated assault ship. It features a fast-reload bomb bay as well as advanced jamming technology that will scramble most missiles or aircraft guidance systems.

The second class is primarily a cargo ship, containing only the bomb bay. The rest of the ship is dedicated to carrying the natural resources they seek. Special sections can be converted to carry liquids.

The third and last class is a multi-role platform carrying drones and supplies of bombs. It also is equipped with a bomb bay and a sizeable cargo area. These ships drop a number of drones into the atmosphere before nearing the assault altitude. These drones are equipped with up to four bombs and will use these in support of the attack force.

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Capisastra Defender
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Capisastra Hauler
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Capisastra Warrior

General Guide

The Capisastra generally fly around in fleets of 5 or more ships. A lone shark pilot may be able to take this fleet on, but care must be taken since the Capisastra are noteworthy combatants. On occasion a battle fleet may be encountered, which may number up to 200 ships. If you see one of these, run.

The Capisastra will only be encountered in Galaxy 4, since they do not use Galactic Hyperdrives. This is due to the declining state of their homeworld which has dictated that they must remain in their own sector to return supplies as quickly as possible.


The Capisastra Pirates are found in the Seosu OXP.