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Standard Equipment

Standard equipment comes with the initial Cobra Mk.III. The in-game Tutorial teaches the use of most of it.

Equipment Function Description
Engine/Main Drive Propulsive The main (slowest) drive of your spacecraft. Controlled by w & s on the astrogation board. A slow intra-system drive.
Torus Jump Drive Propulsive The second drive (faster). Turned on and off by j on the astrogation board. A fast intra-system drive. Mass-lockable.
Witchspace/Hyperspace Drive Propulsive The third and fastest drive. Countdown initiated/stopped by h on the astrogation board. An intersystem drive which takes one into witchspace. Only this drive uses fuel.
Pulse Laser Offensive The feeblest laser available! Fired by pressing a on the astrogation board. Armed/disarmed by _
Missiles Offensive One starts with 3 of these. Controlled by t, T, m, u, y, r & _ on the astrogation board.
Shields Defensive These are automatic. There are two, fore and aft. They are powered by the energy banks. Their status is shown on the HUD.
View Screen Astrogatory One can select any of the four compass views (F1/F2/F3/F4) while in flight
HUD/Heads-Up Display Astrogatory This is fully automatic.
Astrogation Console Astrogatory The principal control panel for your ship
IFF Scanner Astrogatory This is automatic and displays what is around you as well as the direction of view. The range can be modified by z/Z on the astrogation board.
Compass Astrogatory This is automatic and shows the direction either to the main planet or (when closer) to the main orbital station in the system.
Cargo Hold Generic Contains gadgets for manipulating cargo
Energy banks Generic These are automatic. They gather energy from the engines and can then transmit it to the shields and other systems.
Life Support Systems Generic These are fully automatic.
Ship's Hull Generic Maintains structural integrity

Standard Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment can be bought & fitted using the F3 screen while docked at a station. It does take time!

This is available to all players. These items are found in the Vanilla game and are non-OXP/OXZ. Items may sometimes be available at stations slightly below the normal tech level listed here.

Equipment Function Tech Level Price (₢) In BBC Elite?
Fuel Propulsive 1 varies yes
Missile Offensive 2 30 yes
Cargo Bay Expansion Mercantile 2 400 yes
E.C.M. System Defensive 3 600 yes
Pulse Laser Offensive 4 400 yes
Beam Laser Offensive 5 1,000 yes
External Heat Shielding Generic 5 1,500 no (v.1.64)
Fuel Scoops various 6 525 yes
Multi-Targeting System Offensive 6 325 no (v.1.35 or earlier)
Passenger Berth Mercantile 6 825 no (v.1.35)
Advanced Navigational Array Astrogatory 7 2,250 no (v.1.67)
Advanced Space Compass Astrogatory 8 650 no (v.1.40?)
Escape Pod Defensive 7 1,000 yes
Maintenance Overhaul Maintenance 7 varies no (v.1.55 or earlier)
Quirium Cascade Mine Offensive 7 2,500 no (v.1.55 or earlier)
Extra Energy Unit Defensive 9 1,500 yes
Target System Memory Expansion Offensive 9 1,250 no (v.1.64)
Docking Computers Astrogatory 10 1,500 yes
ECM Hardened Missile Offensive 10 350 no (v.1.62)
Wormhole Scanner Astrogatory 10 2,395 no (v.1.73)
Galactic Hyperdrive Propulsive 11 5,000 yes
Military Laser Offensive 11 6,000 yes
Mining Laser Mercantile 11 800 yes
Shield Boosters Defensive 11 14,750 no (v.1.55 or earlier)
Witchdrive Fuel Injectors Propulsive 11 600 no (v.1.20 or earlier)
Scanner Targeting Enhancement Offensive 12 450 no (v.1.20 or earlier)
Integrated Targeting System Offensive 12 1,500 no (v.1.80)
Military Shield Enhancement Defensive 14 47,550 no (v.1.55 or earlier)
Naval Energy Unit Defensive ?? ?? no (v.1.20 or earlier)

Pedantic Note: One could argue that Fuel & the Maintenance Overhaul count neither as optional (one can carry on playing without either if one never leaves the current system) or as equipment! But they do appear on the F3 screen mixed in with all the other equipment!

Optional Optional Equipment

You opt into these options by loading the relevant OXPs. Unlike the Standard Optional Equipment which comes with the Vanilla game, these pieces of equipment are missing from it and require you to have downloaded the relevant OXP. No complete list, sorry! There are some 20-odd weapon OXZs alone - some of which contain dozens of variations on the theme! New stuff (like barrel roll) gets invented all the time, whilst other stuff gets left behind as Oolite develops and the OXP originators disappear back into RL (real life).

The best places to look for OXP equipment (don't forget to click on the top of the category column!) are

Be aware of the following 4 points

  • (1) Some OXPs (Barrel Roll or ILS) just add in one or two pieces of equipment which help the player (unless the pirates get that equipment too!).
  • (2) Others (such as Missile Combat Reimagined or Hard Way) reorganise very many of the elements of Oolite, as well as adding in new pieces of optional equipment. Yet others affect much equipment globally: Breakable 'Standard' Equipment OXPs make many things breakable. Ship Configuration OXP introduces zillions of variations of the above.
  • (3) Note that MFDs may need a different HUD from that coming in the Vanilla game. MFD's use the : & ; keys: see MFD.
  • (4) IMPORTANT: some of this equipment is primable. Use involves the N, n & b keys. And one can select two pieces of fast priming equipment while in Station Dock (F4 screen - see Primable Equipment under Ship Systems). These will then be activated by your 0 & TAB keys in flight.
  • See Priming Equipment & MFD for the extra key-commands
  • Or see Extra Equipment on the 4th page of the Contents of the in-game Ship's Manual
  • Or see the OoliteRS (Reference Sheets) which came as a .pdf in your original game download. Probably worth printing out! Page 1 gives a synopsis of the key commands.

Here is a taster of some of the optional optional equipment, chosen purely to show the variety of what is available:

Equipment Function Tech Level Price ( ₢) Notes
Auto-ECM Defensive 6 1200 Automatically engages your ECM for you when a missile is fired by somebody else
Barrel Roll Defensive 9 30 good against lasers, less good against missiles
BroadcastComms MFD Generic all 200 bribe/scare off pirates, or taunt them into messing up a shot. Call for help from other ships/the police
Energy Bomb Offensive 8 900 the original weapon from Classic Elite
Electronic Thumb Astrogatory 6 985 summons help for those marooned in Witchspace
Fast Target Selector Offensive 5 10 targets local ships either for missile use or for information
File:Goods Container1.oxz Mercantile 6 varies mounts in place of a missile to hold 5 or 10 TC
ILS Astrogatory 5 50 Instrument Landing System guides your ship into dock (sometimes through the other side of the wall!)
Market Observer Mercantile - - upgrades your F8 interface with vital information about average prices & past trades
Naval Grid Next Defensive 10+ 2500+ 2 grids (civilian or military) which strengthen your shields
New Lasers Offensive varies varies adds 21 lasers - found on different worlds (eg only lobstoid)
Ship Configuration OXP Generic varies varies choose between a dozen or so of each type of equipment with different specs
Sniper Lock Offensive 12 500 helps aim your laser more accurately (needs Scanner Targeting Enhancement above)
Torus To Sun Propulsive 4 500 speeds up the Torus jump drive 2x to 8x (depending on proximity to mass)
Useful MFDs Generic - - provides 2 MFDs with information about your ship and about your cargo
Vimana HUD Astrogatory - - HUD with warning lights for high temperature, low altitude etc (has expensive add-ons)


Standard equipment

Standard optional equipment

  • Redspear has written a suite of OXPs awarding some of this equipment for free at the start of the game (Cargo Scoop as Standard, Escape Pod as Standard, Indestructible Injectors).

Optional optional equipment

Lists of Equipment

Lists of OXPs

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