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Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
New Ships Hamadryad
Ships. Adds a variety of mining and trade ships seen in previous versions of Elite.
Neolite Ships Oolite ships replacement set.
NG HUD Alternative HUD.
Nu Vipers GalCop Viper Mark II
GalCop Viper Cruiser
Ships. Increases the types of Viper patrol ships appearing in the space lanes and defending Stations.
Nuclear Torpedos Equipment. Adds some powerful, but slow moving, missiles.
Nuit Space Station OXP Nuit Space Station Station. Isis Interstellar formally announces the availability of their newest creation, the Nuit space station.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Old Ships Bushmaster Miner
Cat (Cougar)
Ships. A collection of ships from ArcElite and Elite-A.
Old Ships 2010
Bushmaster Miner
Cat (Cougar)
Monitor 2
Ships. A new version of Murgh's Old Ships, retextured by P.A.Groove. Includes a bonus ship, the Monitor 2.
Adds a cheat menu to the game.
Oo-Haul L-Crate Hauler Mission. Vast corporate bulk haulers can be seen in the space lanes. Commanders with a respectable Elite rating who chose to dock with a Pi-42 base may also be offered missions to escort one of these haulers safely to its destination. You must also install the Your Ad Here! OXP for this OXP to work properly.
Oolite Italiano v1.4 Miscellaneous. First ever Oolite localization OXP. Requires Oolite v1.74 or later.
Oolite Russian v1.0 Miscellaneous. The second Oolite localization OXP. Requires Oolite v1.72 or later.
Orb Orb Ships. Adds a new alien race, which may (or may not) help GalCop in the battle against the Thargoids.
Orbits 1.2.1
Utility. Positions planets on orbits around the sun. Requires Oolite v1.74.x.
Ore Processor
Equipment. When mounted to a ships fuel scoop systems extracts valuable materials from asteroid fragments. A must for any Commander working as a miner.
Orisis Orisis BigTraders. New passenger liners that ferry passengers around.
Outrider Outrider Ships. A medium fighter produced by the Taranis Corporation.
OXP Config 1.08 Tools/Utility. This tool gives you the ability to configure several oxps. It changes internal (local) settings of the oxps to enable (or disable) logging or audio functions and special settings to recognize errors or to avoid clashes. (Updated 04/09/2009)


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Pallas Pallas Ships. A fast but lightly shielded fighter.
P.A. Groove Stations OXP Stations. Adds lots of different types of Coriolis and Dodec Stations.
Pelamis Pelamis Ships. Adds the Pelamis trade ship.
Personalities OXP Ships. Adds a bunch of unique, well-known personalities to the Ooniverse. Keen to meet yourself in your game (or have others meet yourself in their game)? Submit your own personality in the OXP's thread on the Oolite BBs.
Phoenix Phoenix Ships. A strange ship, built from salvaged parts from various Serpent Class ships.
Pirate Coves Pirate Coves Mission. Some rock hermits in the more dangerous systems have been taken over by pirates. Traders coming too close are likely to be assaulted by scrambled pirates keen to relive them of their cargo.
Pirate Traps Feature. To combat piracy GalCop sometimes deploys dummies of trade ships. Pirates who fire on them have their details transmitted to the police and face large fines.
Planetfall System. Allows the player to land on and trade at the planets and moons of each system.
Pods Cargo. Many new varieties of cargo pod, including fuel, missile, bulk, and empty, plus pods which take a couple of goes to scoop, jam in the fuel scoop, explode and even bring a trumble. Designed as a balanced OXP, to add some positives and some negatives to cargo scooping, to give more realism. Those of you who also use the UPS Courier OXP can also download a little add-on to the OXP that applies some of the new pods to UPS ones too (UPS Courier needs to be installed for the add-on to work).
(Now part of the Armoury OXP)
Equipment. A long-range probe missile, flies away from the ship and scans at ranges of 50km and 100km, reporting ships found back to the ship. It then turns around and comes back, ready for fuel scooping and re-use.
Pteradyne Technologies Ships OXP Excalibur
Ships. A powerful combat ship, the Excalibur is offered for sale on the open market. The Paladin is the even tougher Military version, although sometimes these ships fall into the wrong hands.
Python Class Cruiser Python Class Cruiser Ships. A large powerful trade ship, which can also hold its own in battle. Alternate shader version also available. (Shaders require Oolite 1.69 or later.)


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Racers Chicaneer Mk II
Chicaneer Mk IV
Dragster Mk I
Dragster Mk II
Ships. Adds dedicated racing ships to the Universe. Although very fast, these ships are pure racers with no cargo bays and light shields. The focus on pure speed makes them ill-suited to combat or trading roles.
Racing Rings Feature. Adds Racing Rings to the Galaxy 1 systems of Lave and Zaonce. Fly through the rings in order and completing the race circuit will transmit the competitors' time.
Ramon's Anaconda Ramon's Anaconda Ship. This is a fantastic re-imagining of the Anaconda freighter, made by Ramon, with assistance by Griff. Check out its special features!
Random Docking Music Utility. Plays a randomly selected music track on activating docking computers (slow dock), from a list set inside the OXP.
Random Hits
GalMine Hopper Space Bar Missions / Ships / Stations / Feature. Adds Seedy Space Bars to the space lanes of all Anarchy Systems. Commanders who chose to dock with one can view a Bulletin Board displaying details of the local Galaxies Most Wanted Criminals. Large bounties are paid for killing or capturing one of these offenders. Missions are procedurally generated using a database of over 40,000 words creating over one trillion different Bulletin Board Advertisements. Missions are therefore effectively never-ending. This OXP requires Version 1.74 of Oolite.
Backgrounds for the UI screens. Just a small demo of one of Oolite v1.74's new features.
Registration ID Flavour. All Oolite standard ships now have ID tags.. You need at least Oolite 1.73 and a Graphics card capable of running shaders on a full setting..
Remorse Of Conscience Remorse Of Conscience Ships. A trade ship with a large hold, that can hold its own in combat. A good upgrade from the Cobra Mk III.
Renegade Pirates V3.0 Ships / Feature. Adds rare very well armed pirate versions of Classic Elite ships to the more lawless systems. These pirates carry high bounties, but their multiple lasers and plasma cannons will make mince-meat of a young Jameson. Do not install this OXP until you have an Iron Ass!
Renegade Viper + Grass Snake Renegade Viper
Grass Snake
Ships. Sometimes even GalCops are victims of crime, finding their Vipers stolen from the docking berth. The joy-rider gives the stolen Viper a new lick of paint and joins a pirate fleet. Large bounties are paid for ridding the space lanes of these thieves. The Grass Snake is a trade ship with a large hold, often used by pirates.
Repair 'Bots Equipment. A pylon mounted canister of repair nanobots. These can be activated in-flight, when they scan your ship for damaged equipment and attempt to fix an item of it (a random one if multiple items are found). They are reliable for lower tech items, but as the equipment gets more complicated they sometimes struggle. But if all else fails, buy, try and fly again...
Ring Racer Mission. Corporate Systems Ring Racing League in Galaxy 1.
Rock Hermit Locator 1.3.2
Equipment. The Rock Hermit Locator is a piece of equipment for your ship to locate Rock Hermits. Useful for miners and Traders. You need to already have bought the advanced space compass that works in tandem with the RHL ("Rock Hermit Locator").


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Saleza Aeronautics Bellatrix Cruiser
Rigel Bomber
Saiph Interceptor
Ships / Feature. High Tech Corporate States gain their own patrol craft. Some of these ships are also available on the open market.
Santa Santa Ships. Just for fun adds a (very rare) Santa Sledge to the space lanes escorted by plasma gun toting reindeer space bikers!
Save Anywhere Utility. Save Anywhere allows you to save your game at any OXP Station, instead of only at Main Stations, as in the standard game.
The Scourge of The Black Baron Mission. A sequel to the Long Way Around mission, featuring combat and transport missions. Well suited to a relative novice in Galaxy 1.
Second Wave Ships. Some new variants on the standard Thargoid Warship and Thargon Robot Fighter.
Adds a variety of new alien ship variants.
Selezen's S-Ships GalCop SWAT Viper
Oresrian Trader
Ships. In response to increasing piracy GalCop has introduced the SWAT Viper, a beefed up version of the standard Viper. Also adds the peaceful Oresrian Trader.
Sell equipment OXP Equipment. Allows you to resell all equipment you bought at an equipment store of suitable techlevel. For a small fee you purchase the "Sell xyz"-option, and are refunded 60 per cent of the original price.
Shady Billboards OXP Demo. The Shady Billboards OXP demonstrates shaders in Oolite by displaying adverts from Your Ad Here! on an animated electronic billboard.
Shady Cobra OXP Ships. A Shader example (requires Oolite 1.69 or later). Replaces the normal model for the Cobra Mk III with one featuring the new Shaders.
System Independent Repair Facility Stations. The station is a repair facility for ships in the systems. First released in 2006 on Oosat 2.
Skrounk All-Stars Limited All Stars Large Freighter
Seymour Class Sled
Starbelly Class Sled
Star Hawk
Starwolf Mk I
Ships. A set of ships featuring a large trade ship and a variety of fighters and escorts.
Smivs' ShipSet
Ships. This OXP is a replacement ship set giving the ships and other objects in Oolite a new, more sophisticated look. This is achieved by applying new textures to the original models. This preserves the originality of the game...the ships are the same, but better looking!
Snark Snark Ships. The Snark is a powerful fighter / trader, often used by pirates and bounty hunters.
Feature. The galactic news network.
Solid Gold Cobra Mk.3
Solid Gold Cobra Mk.3 Ships. A Solid Gold Cobra Mk.3
Spearhead Interceptor Mk.I Spearhead Interceptor Mk.I Ships. A pure fighter, fast and nippy but with a weak shield, no cargo bay and can be a twitchy bird to fly. Often used as an escort or part of a pirate fleet acting in a hit an run role.
Spy Hunter OXP Mission. A mission for the Galactic Navy available to a Commander with a rating of 'Dangerous' or above. Spys from the Empire sometimes infiltrate GalCop space. Commanders wishing to volunteer for hunting duties should visit the Navy base at Inines in Galaxy 1.
Star Wars Ships A-Wing
Lambda Shuttle
Ships. Adds a set of ships from the Star Wars Universe to Oolite. Tie Fighters are occasionally used by GalCop to support Viper patrols, but all ships are available on the open market and may be used by traders, pirates and bounty hunters alike.
Status Quo Q-bomb OXP Equipment. Changes the behaviour of Q-bombs according to the Status Quo novel. They don't detonate in gravity wells, like close to planets or suns.
Mission. Small G3 mission to showcase the new scanner capabilities of 1.74 and to introduce stealth ships.
Sung's Detailed Textures Replacement textures for all Classic Elite Ships. The author's web-site no longer has a link to his textures. The link will download them directly from Lestradae's hosting site.
Sung's Detailed Textures (Shader Version) Same as the above oxp, only now with shader support. Normal maps & Effects maps by ADCK. (Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)
Sunskimmers Feature. Normally in Oolite ships tend to stick to the space lanes and so are rarely encountered on the way to the Sun. This OXP adds ships to the sun / planet corridor increasing the chance of meeting other ships whilst sun-skimming.
S.T.E S.T.E Ships. The S.T.E addon ship a step up from the Cobra III improved trading capabilities also has increased speed over Cobra, is also available in 3 colour options blue, red and yellow.
SuperCobra SuperCobra Ships. The awesome Super Cobra. A beefed up version of the Cobra Mk III featuring larger engines, more cargo space and stronger shields.
Superhub Superhub Stations. Traffic congestion in the Ooniverse is growing and while the stations are getting more advanced the market asked for a more radical solution. This solution comes in the form of the GASEC Superhub. The GASEC Superhub is the first station that is capable of transporting itself to it's destination, two engine bays allow the GASEC SR-GD (Space Rotary Galactic Drive) to be fitted. At the destination these engines can be taken out for re-use in other transport missions. v1.2 updated 12th November 2009
Swift Swift Ships. As the name implies, a very fast ship often used by pirates or bounty hunters. Although fast, cargo space is limited and the shield is nominal.
Switeck's Mod
Rebalancing of ships and market prices. Pirate ships are more likely to have ECMs and Escape Pods. Adders, Boas and Boa 2s can now be pirates too. Market prices altered slightly. Three Jameson saves included for Medium, Hard, and Harder alternative starts.
System Demux
Feature. Texture the home planet, add a planet/moon combination to each system. An alternative to System Redux 1 and Deep Horizons System Redux 2. For Oolite v1.73.4 and 1.74.1.
System Redux Feature. Texture the home planet, add a planet/moon combination to each system. For Oolite v1.71 to 1.73.4. On v1.74+ use the Deep Horizons System Redux 2 (beta).


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