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Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Galactic Navy Navy Asp
Navy Viper
Navy Frigate
Navy Medical Ship
Navy Minesweeper
Navy Transport
Navy Shuttle
Navy Lander
Navy Sector Command Station
Missions / Feature / Ships / Stations. A selection of ships and space stations that adds to the already formidable arsenal of the Galactic Navy. Allows commanders to join the Navy Reserves. Requires the Behemoths OXP or ADCK's Behemoths OXP.
Gates Station. Adds short-cut jump gates to suitable systems, speeding journeys between the main station and witchpoint for a fee of only 250Cr.
Generation Ships OXP Generation Ships Ships. The mythical Generation Ships appear from time to time.
Globe Station2.0 Globe Station Stations. A new type of station appears at advanced systems. (Updated 22/10/2009)
Greek Ships Penelope Class Freighter
Telemachus Class Escort
Ulysses Class Interceptor
Ships. A large trade ship and escorts. Sometimes also used by pirates.
Griff's ArcElite Ships. New versions of the native Oolite ships textured & shaded to resemble how they originally appeared in the Acorn Archimedes version of Elite
Griff's Boa OXP Griff Boa Ships. Contains the famous Griff Boa, as featured in the "Oolite - It's not just for triangles anymore" images. Note: the Boa is not included in the Griff's Normalmapped Ships OXP.
Griff's Explosion Debris Eye Candy. Box.Net link to an OXP that adds new alloy & debris models to exploding ships. The oxp features some cool scripting and AI coding by Thargoid which chains together various types of exploding junk in some pretty dazzling ways. For more information see this thread on the BB.
Griff's Krait OXP Griff Krait Ships. A heavily modified Krait, similar in design to the Griff Boa. Note: the Krait is not included in the Griff's Normalmapped Ships OXP.
Griff's Normalmapped Ships
Ships. This is where you can get your hands on some of the best looking ships for Oolite, using shaders and normal-mapping. See the OXP page for a gallery of all the ships. This OXP requires Version 1.71 of Oolite or higher.
Griffin Two Griffin Two Ships. Adds the Griffin Mk II from Frontier.
Gritty Coriolis Stations. The Corolis Station gets a more detailed texture.
G-HUD Mk2 Alternative HUD.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Halsis Sound Set, featuring a female cockpit voice. Sometimes called Hal's Hot Sister.
Hatchling Boyracers Boy Racer Ships. The talkative (and often insulting) Boyracers appear in the more advanced systems.
Hawksound Sound Set. Clean sounds. Quality female computer voice, new weapon, damage and some station interface sounds.
Herald Herald Military Gunboat Ships. A powerful police and Navy interceptor.
Hired Guns
Weapons/Equipment. Gives the chance to agree a contract for a pair of ships to accompany you on your next journey and fight on your behalf alongside you.
Hognose Tugships Hognose Ships. The chatty tug ships can be seen towing broken down ships.
HoOpy Casino HoOpy Casino Stations. HoOpy Casinos appear near the station in advanced systems. Commanders who chose to dock can win or lose credits in games of chance.
Hotrods Ships. Classic Elite Ships appear with custom paint jobs. Includes also a large number of custom and standard racing vehicles and a spacegang in tiger-getup that doesn't like the player. A rework, and a new name, for Custom Paints & Racers. Replaces Custom Paint Jobs
Equipment. Extended and expanded cargo handling system.
Hyperradio v1.21
Equipment. This device gives you the ability to listen to your own music. It is expandable by musicpacks that can be separately installed and compatible to OXPConfig, RepairBots and Snoopers.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Icarus Icarus Ships. Adds the Icarus Light Trader from Seldar Shipyards. A small fighter / trader based on blueprints from the lost Solice system.
Illicit Unlock Utility. Allows the player to fly all the Classic Elite Ships.
Illicit Unlock - Griff Version Utility. Based on the above, Allows the player to fly Griffs pirate/viper Ships. (Requires Griff's Normalmapped Ships )
Imperial Courier Imperial Courier Ships. The powerful Imperial Courier from Frontier, constructed by Seldar Shipyards. Updated from the version on Oosat1.
Imperial Trader Imperial Trader Ships. The powerful Imperial Trader from Frontier, constructed by ADCK.
Interstellar help OXP Feature. Allows you to help out some traders who got stuck in interstellar space without fuel. You will be rewarded.
Ionics 1.3
Ionics Funnelweb
Ionics Huntsman
Ionics Redback
Ionics Whitetail
Mission. A series of missions set in Galaxy 2 featuring the Ionics Company of Zaria. More Information here. This version is now compatible with multi-mission offering of other OXPs.
Equipment. Introduces the new range of IronHide ship armour from the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation.
Ixian Ships Ixian Battle Cruiser
Ixian Bezerka
Ixian Freighter Mk I
Ixian Gunship
Ixian No-Ship Mk I
Ships. A set of ships from Dune. Used by pirates and traders alike.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Ships. Adds the powerful Jabberwocky fighter / trader.
JavaScript test JavaScript scripting example, requires Oolite 1.68.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Kestrel&Falcon v1.71.0 Kestrel
Ships. Adds a powerful Star Wars style Falcon, used by pirates and traders alike, and an interceptor used by the Police and Navy. Both models are also available on the open market. Improved from the older Kestrel.oxp and Falcon.oxp models.
Killer Wolf's Dynamic HUD
HUDs. Adds a version of the dynamic HUD first seen in Killer Wolf's Werewolf ships, to all ships.
Killit Weapons. Adds a bunch of insane super weapons.
Kirin Kirin Ships. Adds a heavy military hauler, CV and XM versions used by both pirates and traders.
Klepto-HUD Alternative HUD.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
Lane Legal Racers Krait
Ships. Adds NPC versions of ships from different racing teams.
Lave v1.71 Planets. Gives the Lave System a make-over adding all the features described in The Dark Wheel novella included with the original Elite.
Lave Academy OXP Lave Academy Station. Adds the Lave Academy Orbital station above Lave (and now other planets), with three new mini-game tests of the Commanders' ship skills.
Llama Llama Ships. Adds the Llama fighter / trader. Updated from the version of Oosat1 to fix a small bug.
Localhero v1.05 Mission. Adds a mission campaign in the first galaxies. (Updated 9.04.2008)
Long Way Around 1.1 Mission. A transport mission well suited to the novice in Galaxy 1.
Longshot Longshot Ships. Adds the Longshot fighter / trader, regarded by many as a cheaper alternative to the Cobra Mk III.
Lovecats 1.2 Mission. Love and betrayal amongst the feline races of Galaxy 4. A fast ship, fuel injectors, fuel scoops and a hard heart are advised before you tangle with these cats! Version 1.1 missionclash proof.


Information / Download Ships Carriers / Stations Short Description
M-Pack (rusties) Ships. Adds rusty versions of all the Classic Elite ships. Bargain basement prices, although these old bangers are in a poor condition compared to a brand new model. Engines may be worn out reducing maximum speeds and shield generators are frequently held together with duck-tape. When you try to trade one of these old rust buckets in at the shipyards, you may also find that the trade-in value is reduced. None the less, they are cheap and can still haul cargo between the stars.
Manta Manta Ships. Adds the Manta light escort craft.
Marett Space Corporation Adder Mk II
Mosquito Trader
Mosquito Sport
Ships. A collection of fighters and medium traders from Marett Space Corps.
Medusa Hud Alternative HUD.
Mega-Walnut Dashboard Alternative HUD.
Merlin Merlin Ships. An interceptor used by the Police and Navy, but also available on the open market.
MildAudio Sound Set.
Military Fiasco
Rattle Cutter
Wolf Mk II Paragon
Mission. A mission for the Navy available to a Commander with more than 1,000 kills. Also equips the Navy with powerful cruisers. Version 2.0 is updated version of the Military OXP over the version on Oosat2. Use at least version 2.0, as older versions can clash with other Mission OXPs. You should not use and old version version of Murgh's X-Ships from before 24 December 2006 together with this OXP. Now updated to work with Oolite 1.74.
Military Station OXP Military Station Stations. Well armed Military Stations appear in the more advanced systems.
Military Stingray Stingray Ships. Adds the Military Stingray to the GalCop Navy fleet. Second hand versions are sometimes available on the open market.
Milspec HUD Alternative HUD. Adds targeting aids, emphasis on functionality.
Misjump Analyser
Equipment. This oxp adds the equipment: Witchspace Analyser. This analyser scans the witchspace in the direction of the target system. On detection of disturbances in witchspace it sounds an alarm and writes the location of the disturbance in the communication log.
Missile Analyser
Equipment. This oxp adds the equipment: Missile Analyser. This analyser scans incoming missiles and sets the target to the incoming missile when it is no standard missile.
Missiles and Bombs Equipment. Adds the Cascade stand-off missile, Multiple-warhead anti-Thargoid missile, Frag Mine, Frag Missile, EMP Missile and short-range defence missile to the game. The new weapons are available to the player and NPCs alike.
Missile Rack
(Now part of the Armoury OXP)
Weapons. Pylon mounted racks of three mini-missiles. Smaller and less powerful than standard missiles, but effectively triple the available armaments a ship can carry.
Missionaries OXP Happy Eye Pulpit Pod Ships. Clerics of four faiths are added to the Universe, spamming Commanders with requests to worship their Gods.
Monument Feature. A monument to famous Commanders can sometimes be seen near the Sun.
Morrigan Morrigan Ships. Adds a vast trade ship to the Universe. (v 1.0.1, Bugfixed december 2009)
Murgh's Replacement Sounds Sound Set.
Murgh's X-Ships Bandy-Bandy
Eel Rapier
Ships. A fast courier craft and two light escort ships are added. Updated from the version on Oosat1. You can use this version together with the Military Fiasco Mission without problems!


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