Military Stingray Mk. II

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Military Stingray Mk. II
Stingray screenshot.png
Size (W×H×L) 119m×53m×120m
Cargo capacity 60 TC
Cargo bay extension 15 TC
Maximum speed 0.35 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 1.2
Energy banks 5
Energy recharge rate

Excellent (6)

Gun mounts Fore, Aft,
Starboard, Port
Missile slots 6
Shield boosters available Available
Military shields available Available
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 320,500₢


Ex-military ship that may occasionally show up in the hands of a pirate or scavenger and that one might be available to buy in a tech level 12+ station (look out for an old rusty one - they're quite a bit cheaper).


The Military Stingray is found in the

Old link: Military Stingray OXP

Extract the OXP to your Oolite\AddOns Folder.

Military Stingray is an Add-on for Oolite by Giles Williams

Author: CaptKev

License: CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Created on: 30 Mar 2007

Updated on: 21 May 2008

version: 1.2


Thanks to Griff and Ramirez for 3D modeling advice, Cmdr McLane for the name and Sung for texture advice.


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