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Within the vast regions of space under the purview of The Galactic Co-operative of Worlds, many different systems of government can be found. It was enshrined within its founding principles that GalCop itself would not force or in anyway influence the formation of governments on member worlds. This, however, does not apply to organisations who consider themselves outside or above the laws of the Co-operative.

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In the vanilla game, there are relatively few differences between the varieties of government types: - the governments are in a line from Corporate to Anarchy - governments near the Corporate end of the line generate more and better-equipped traders, couriers, bounty hunters and police - governments near the Anarchy end of the line generate more and better-equipped pirates, assassins and smugglers - certain extremely dangerous pirate types are only generated in Anarchy systems - bounty hunters may raid systems closer to the Anarchy end than their home system - pirates may raid systems closer to the Corporate end than their home system - police and bounty hunters will attack Offenders with lower bounties near the Corporate end of the line - the Corporate end pays higher bounties for captured pirate escape pods - rock hermits in systems near the Anarchy end are more likely to be covertly or even overtly sympathetic to pirates - Anarchy and Feudal systems do not have Rich Industrial, Avg Industrial, Rich Agricultural or Mainly Agricultural economies (except Ascension). - Tech Level tends to be better nearer the Corporate end of the line (which affects the ships which police use, among other things), as are various other parameters such as population or productivity which have little or no in-game effect.

There is an excellent essay about this by Cim in the Ship's Library OXP which you can read in-game (either docked, or on an MFD on your Viewscreen).

There are various expansion packs which add extra distinctions, adding additional ships or stations only to certain government types, or modify some of the above rules (e.g. make a couple of high-tech Anarchy systems).

Corporate Worlds

The most orderly and 'lawful' system of government within GalCop is the corporate state. This system comes about when either a single, or more often, a group of powerful and affluent companies take de facto control of a planetary system. On these planets, citizens are almost always employees of one of the companies and have only commercialistic ways of advancing their positions in society. Here it is property, holdings and stock portfolios that mean more than aptitude and ability. This results in a distinct line between rich and poor, the rich maintain healthy stocks and shares through canny speculation and the poor scrape a living in poverty with little hope of betterment. One of the main reasons for the security of corporate states is the employment of private security agencies who maintain patrols through the spacelanes and around the planet to ensure the safety of commerce to and from the planet and make life all but impossible for pirates and other 'private entrepreneurs'. One of the most successful agencies is Pilkertons Intergalactic, who exclusively employ ships supplied by Saleza Aeronautics.

  • Ring Racer OXP for Corporate States in Galaxy 1 only: by Thargoid (2009-14): downloadable through the in-game Expansions Manager
  • Sothis by KillerWolf (2010) as modified by Spara's SothisTC (2013) - Mr Troomp's Trade Centre orbital stations only exist in Corporate states (Good for New Cargoes trade deals).
  • Taxi Galactica only has taxi stations in Corporate states.
  • Old Recipe for tweaking HOopy Casinos and Your Ad Here that limits their appearance to Corporate systems only, thus making a de facto system OXP out of them.

Democratic Worlds

The form of government in which each citizen has a say, Democracy is the next most stable of the eight categories recognised by GalCop. Many democracies arose from other forms of government, and spread across their planets until there was a council of elected officials that decided the policies and economic landscape for the entire planet. Life in a democracy is often better than that of the corporate state, since (in theory) every citizen has a chance to become a member of their government and even the premier statesman of their world. Elections are held regularly on democratic worlds and the means is dependent on the level of technology available. Less advanced worlds may use the traditional 'ballot box' method, each citizen ticking a box on a ballot paper signifying their favoured candidate, while the most advanced use hyper-net terminals from the comfort of their own lounges. Invariably, for so important a role as planetary leader, election campaigns take on the scale of military campaign and entertainment extravaganza combined, each party promoting their nominee through rhetoric, political 'spin', endorsement by movie stars, and if the polls are against them, mud-slinging at the opposition.

Confederate Worlds

A Confederacy differs from the above. There is a central planetary government which handles external affairs, but internal matters are managed by regional governments. Despite there being separate governments in each region of the world (which can be of differing flavours), from GalCop's perspective they are all essentially the same and follow the lead set by a centralised seat of officials. When confederacies break down, they usually end up as multi-government worlds (see below).

Communist Worlds

Communism is the state in which people work for the betterment of all, not for personal acquisition and advancement. Many communist worlds are economic powerhouses in which all citizens are employed by the state in farms or factories to fuel the economy, even convicted criminals are put to useful labour in the Asteroid Mines. Unlike other systems, communist planets communicate freely with each other, exchanging technology and resources. It is for this reason that many unique space stations and ship may be found, such as the Solar Laboratory And Production Unit (SLAPU), the Collective Zero Gravity Factory, the Worker's Commuter transport ship, the Commissariat Limousine and the Ray Police Cruiser. Communist states dislike the corrupting influence of other commercialistic governments, even to the point that they insist that GalCop have only a minimal presence in their spacelanes. It is the role of the People's Police and the Thought Police to patrol these regions, in their unique Ray Mark One police ships.

  • Commies OXP introduces the above stations & ships.
  • Famous Planets introduces Lexuq, the Xequerinian lobstoid poet whose death in the fourth galaxy on Sector4/Dienon allegedly gave birth to the Coomunin. It also introduces Laenin, an ancient hero of Coomunism, who gave his name to the planet Sector1/Laenin: Probably mythological, Laenin was supposedly a great leader on ancient Earth. Legend tells that Laenin and his three sons - the Man of Steel, the Iron-Hewer and Superman - invented coomunism. They made a sit-com called 'Red Dawn' to spread their philosophy. People loved it. Now the Red Revolution has spread all over the eight galaxies. Today Laenin is known as 'The Workers' Paradise'.

See Galaxy 4, below for more details on the Comoonin.

  • Ramirez's Missions introduce the KSR (Kosmicheskikh Slyushba Razvedki), the interstellar intelligence-gathering arm of the Communist systems, an external counterpart to the notorious Ministry of Internal Affairs. See his Iron Raven brief.

Dictatorship Worlds

Dictatorship worlds are those in which the government is controlled by an individual or a small collective unconstrained by the normal conventions of constitutional law. For those dictatorships with industrial resources, the authoritarian nature of government results in high levels of productivity that can rival the Corporate States: manufacturing is carried out on a massive scale in off-world AstroFactories and is supported by a state-sponsored programme of slavery. Public order in these systems is maintained by a highly-efficient body of civil servants, while the military is primarily concerned with defence matters. Agricultural dictatorships fare less well in terms of productivity, and those that do succeed tend to rely on the lucrative trade of narcotics to compensate for the lack of industrialised farming methods. With a less advanced social infrastructure in place, responsibility for law and order falls to the armed forces, resulting in frequent and violent clashes with pro-democracy groups. Meanwhile, secretive government paramilitaries are tasked with identifying and arresting suspected enemies of the state.

Relations between GalCop and the dictatorship worlds remain uneasy, and outsiders are not generally welcomed. However, GalCop has managed to maintain a limited presence in these systems so as to provide protection and assistance to visitors.

Multi-Government Worlds

A multi-government describes a planet that has a variety of government types across different regions, a typical example being Old Earth during much of its history. This lack of unity in terms of worldwide policy makes the planet's political landscape unstable and, according to GalCop, a government that cannot adequately achieve harmony on its planet is hardly going to be able to manage to maintain peace in its spacelanes. For this reason, GalCop rates multi-government planets at the lower end of politically stable governments. It is not unusual for planets with multi-governments to be experiencing wars in one region or another.

Feudal Worlds

The feudal state is one that follows a traditional, stratified system of government, such as existed in ancient time on Old Earth where many landless citizens work for and pay taxes to moderately powerful nobles, who in turn work for and pay taxes to more powerful nobles and so on until all pay loyalty and taxes to a single all-powerful ruler. Each person knows their place and there is rarely any movement in them, thus the poor remain poor and the rich remain rich.

Feudalism evolved with the demise of the Roman Empire, and people's desperate need for protection against the marauding barbarians. The rise of piracy, the increasing incursions of the Thargoids, and the decline in power of GAlCop mirror this within Oolite.

Anarchy Worlds

The least stable government is the Anarchy state. In these states, there is no central government and lawlessness is rife. There are constant wars and revolts as one faction grows powerful enough to overthrow another, only to be overthrown themselves by yet another. These systems are havens for all manner of fugitives, murderers and pirates, and GalCop's presence usually only extends to the limits of their space station's Aegis. In particularly notorious systems, even this region is fair game for pirates.

It is almost unavoidable that this power vacuum gives rise to the presence of all kinds of shady characters, organisations and gangs. So it is no wonder that Hacker Outposts offer their services in Anarchy systems. Also the Salvage Gangs in Anarchies are more dubious than elsewhere, offering equipment that GalCop had better not know about.

On the other hand, it can't be said that GalCop doesn't try to control the situation and maintain a minimum of safety in the space lines, even in Anarchies. For this purpose Sentinel Stations have been placed in the main space lines of the most notorious Anarchy systems, to guard and protect the incoming traffic. GalCop doesn't like to admit it, but unfortunately in some of the systems this heroic fight seems lost. The pirates have taken over the Sentinel Stations and converted them to Renegade Stations, creating safe-havens for criminals of all sorts. But woe to the unsuspecting trader who would seek protection in the vicinity of this military looking station!

  • Anarchies OXP.
  • Ramirez's Missions introduce the League of Anarchists which may be nothing more than a loose group of pirate gangs (see his Iron Raven brief).


In addition to the System-specific OXPs mentioned above (Commies, Dictators, Feudal States and Anarchies), other OXPs pick up on the differences in government type.

  • Weapon Laws OXP restricts sales of weapons in the safer systems (one can only buy ECM hardened missiles & Quirium cascade mines in Feudal states or anarchies, for example).
  • Diplomancy OXP also picks up on governmental differences (you cannot buy visas in anarchies etc).
  • Factions OXP is set in multi-governments but involves scraps between the denizens of the different systems.
  • Target Range OXP is only found in the safer systems.
  • GalCop Galactic Registry allows access to a helpful database of the galaxial systems while docked (which can be sorted by Government type).

Notable Organisations of Galaxy One (Santaari)

The Bank of The Black Monks

The Order of the Black Monks of St Herod (banking with a smile and a stab) is a deeply religious sect dedicated to the noble aim of allowing more space-farers to turn away from the Sins of Solvency and embrace the Holy State of Debt. Rumors that this Order is in any way connected to the Assassins Guild are quite unfounded.

Black Monk Monasteries were constructed to order by Griff Research Ltd. These are vast structures, comparable in size to a Torus Station, bristling with The Holy Cannons of Defense. Monasteries appear in the space lanes in the more technologically advanced systems of all eight Galaxies of GalCop-controlled space. They can be located by setting an Advanced Space Compass to B, but this is not really necessary as the massive platforms are visible even from the Witchspace entry point.

Commanders who chose to dock with a Monastery are offered the option to take out a loan. The Monks' terms are clearly explained. Repayment of the full capital with interest must be made by the due date. The Debtor must return to a Monastery in person to make payment on or before the due date. Fail to return and the horribly armed Black Monk Gunships will be dispatched to hunt down the Accursed Defaulter and purify his soul with Blessed Plasma.

Many Commanders have reported seeing the Gunships engaged upon their Holy Work, shooting down trade-ships in the space lanes. Despite the debtors’ pitiful pleas, it is unwise to intervene. Returning to a Black Monk Monastery with insufficient credits to pay a due debt is also most unwise, the Monks being known for the sadistic treatment metered out to defaulters who fall into their hands.

This OXP is available here: Bank of the Black Monks

Laveian Flight Training Academy

The planet Lave is home not simply to GalCop's central administration, but also the Flight Training Academy, which are actually part of the same building. It is at the Academy that all prospective spacers learn how to handle and maintain ships, how to negotiate and trade with other species and many other things besides.

The orbital academy station around Lave, plus its sister outposts can be found here.

SoloTek Industries

Located in the Ontiat system, near such industrial powerhouses such as Zaonce, Tionisla, and Ensoreus, are situated SoloTek Industries. These newcomers to the ship-building industry offer superb construction that is a blend of form and function.

Taranis Corporation

The Taranis Corporation is one of the foremost ship-builders and research companies in Galaxy One. From their massive and immensely expensive Headquarters in the Lerelace system, they produce ships and systems like the Outrider.

Notable Organisations of Galaxy Two (Colesque)

Benulobiweed Incorporated

Originally based on the Corporate world of Tezaeded, this company moved its entire ship conversion business to Usceed after GalCop shut down their factories after investigations discovered that the company founders were buying ships for conversion from outside GalCop. For further information regarding this company, visit the Benulobiweed Inc. Media Site or a reputable dealer near you.

Ionics Corporation

The Ionics Corporation is a ship-building firm based at the planet Zaria. They construct and sell the Huntsman, the Whitetail and the recently the Redback. They also produce an immense carrier ship, the Funnelweb, though GalCop ordered the company not to sell this on the open market. After a long term contract with the Zarian government, they have now entered a contract with the Ramazan government to provide ships to their military forces.

Ramazan Liberation Front

The Ramaza Liberation Front is a group rebelling against the present Dictator of Ramaza. Until recently, their actions have been fairly tame, ranging from rallies and demonstrations during political holidays to sabotaging military space ships and vessels that bring trade to the system. More recently, their actions have become more aggressive as they have taken to space in open defiance of the Dictator's laws that only Ramazan military vessels and commercial vessels may freely travel the spacelanes. Furthermore, it appears the rebellion has stepped up on the planet, forcing the Dictator to enter into a contract with the Ionics Corporation to provide top-grade warships to counter the encroaching rebels.

The Link

The Link is a shadowy, underground organisation that seeks to rid the eight galaxies of oppressive regimes and replace them with more equitable, but not necessarily more benign, leadership. Their origins, leadership and, indeed, the very structure of their organisation remains unknown, but what is known is that they have their own force of ships and the will to use them to further their secretive agenda. Discover more in the Ionics OXP.

Notable Organisations of Galaxy Three (Lara’tan)

The Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation

The corporation is the most notable business empire in Galaxy 3. Its headquarters can be found in orbit of Aqualina, the proper name for the planet christened Ribiara by earlier colonists.

The corporation are well known for producing a wide variety of ships in the Aquatics collection, ranging in size from small military fighter ships such as the Barracuda and the Manta Ray right up to gargantuan vessels such as the HammerHead transporter and the mighty Leviathan system defense platforms.

Notable Organisations of Galaxy Four (Angiana)

The Comoonin

The Communist Ooniversal is the organization through which the many communist systems share the unique technology found only in those systems. The Comoonin is also rumored to be a coordinating organ for the effort to spread communism, fight (other) dictatorships and undermine capitalism. It is believed that their secret headquarters is located somewhere in Galaxy 4 - the only galaxy without any corporate states. See Worker's Commuter.

Executive SpaceWays

Executive SpaceWays, while still a fledgling company, have already made themselves a reputation for building high specification luxury passenger transport and escort vessels, which have a commensurately high price.

Based at Lavebe in Galaxy Four, the company maintains lavish offices and showrooms, befitting the class of clientele their ships' high cost and status tends to attract. Presently, the company's sales brochure details the H-4 Trident Executive Shuttle, the E-3 Gemini Escort, the E-5 Delta Long-Range Escort, the mighty H-7 Strelka CruiseLiner and their newest release, the P-3 Personal Shuttle. For more information, visit the company's information page or your local authorised Executive SpaceWays Dealer.

Notable Organisations of Galaxy Five (Proximus)

Feudal States

The Royal Houses of Proximus have based themselves on early Rus nobility and in particular the line of Rurik princes that ruled Kiev and Muscovy between the 12th and 16th centuries.

Koneko Industries

Koneko Industries is a shipyard in Galaxy Five owned by Ryan Hoots. The shipyard itself is located on the planet Cesousla, but the headquarters building is a Nuit Station in orbit around the planet. The building will soon be open to the public.

Notable Organisations of Galaxy Six (Sol / Solans)

Feudal States

The Royal Houses of Sol The Royal Houses of this Galaxy base their styles and ranks on those of feudal Japan.

Notable Organisations of Galaxy Seven (Jaftra)

The Assassins Guild

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

The Assassins Guild is a shadowy organisation, said to be based on the southern continent of Esrire in Galaxy 7. Many attempts have been made by GalCop Special Branch Officers to infiltrate the ranks of “The Brotherhood”, but little reliable intelligence on the Organisation's methods and membership has yet been gathered.

The Esrire System is however known to be unusual, populated by Sinister Yellow Frogs and is one of the few systems known to posses a gas giant. Claims by the Esrireian Tourist Board that the wealth possessed by many of the planets inhabitants is generated by the number of visitors flocking to view the beautiful gas giant Cerberus seem questionable, given the System’s Anarchy status.

It is rumoured however, that the Guild has members from many professions in its ranks. Many are Lone Wolf Commanders, who trade or engage in piracy most of their working lives, only taking Assassination Contracts from time to time. However, it is believed that the tentacles of the Guild stretch into the Military, Navy and even GalCop police forces.

No suspected Guild Member has ever yet been successfully prosecuted. Witnesses tend to disappear or change their testimony. Even when apparently reliable evidence is available, strange decisions are often taken by the Galactic Prosecution Service, inexplicably deciding to drop all charges. Important exhibits in cases are often “lost” by the GalCop police force. Some say that this indicates that many high ranking Civil Servants and Police Officers are in fact members of the Guild.

The exact procedures by which the Guild recruits new members are unknown. It is thought that the Guild has operatives within the Elite Federation of Pilots, who pass on the details of likely candidates to the "Guild Master". It is known that membership is not easily obtained. The candidate is required to prove his willingness to commit cold blooded murder and some form of initiation ritual is involved.

The Guild polices its own members. Breaches of the Guild Code of Honour are not tolerated, disagreements between Members usually being settled by a duel. Once a Commander joins the Guild resignation is not permitted. Brothers (and Sisters) of the Guild are contacted from time to time and offered assignments. Fees paid for these Assassinations are high, although members must pay a percentage of their earnings to the Guild’s Coffers.

GalCop Special Branch

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

Galaxy 7 is known to suffer from an extraordinary high level of criminal activity. Its citizens must not only contend with the ruthless Assassins Guild, but this Galaxy is also home to the Quandixeian Mafia and the Esreatesian Triads.

In response to this, GalCop has established a Special Unit of Officers to deal with organised crime in this troubled Galaxy. GalCop Special Branch is based on a large armed Navy Station in orbit around the moon Hercules in the Geteve System.

Special Branch are well equipped. Rather than ageing Vipers, these Officers fly well equipped Asp Mk III fighters designed by Ramon Security Ltd. The Officers are hand picked from GalCop officers who have shown exceptional ability.

The Galactic Supreme Court

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

Trials of some of the most notorious criminals in the eight galaxies have taken place in this august court house. Situated in the Galaxy 7 system of Estiri, security is provided by a special division of the Galactic Navy. A well armed Navy Base orbits Estiri’s ocean covered moon, Nemean and Navy Class Asps can be seen upon patrol in the space lanes.

Vulnerable witnesses are housed aboard the armed Military Station, before being transported to the Court aboard heavily armed Navy Frigates or Cruisers. The Navy Base is normally open to civilian traffic, but at times of heightened security the base is placed in “lock-down” mode. During a lock-down an exclusion zone is placed around the base. Ships entering the zone without the correct clearance codes are fired upon without warning.

The Quandixeian Mafia

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

Colonised in 2576, Quandixe in Galaxy 7 was one of the first planets to be settled following the discovery of what was thought at the time to be a wormhole leading to another Galaxy. Although later research demonstrated that the 8 Galaxies are in fact merely different sectors of the Milky Way, this did not stop adventurous types keen to start a new life on far away worlds.

Quandixe is an unusual system, possessing a small moon with an atmosphere and tropical climate. One of the first discoveries to be made by the early colonists was that the moon Hesperides had a climate perfectly suited to the cultivation of Megaweed. Unfortunately for the Systems more law-abiding inhabitants, this discovery caused organised gangs of criminals to flock to the world, eager to take advantage of the opportunity to produce narcotics at exceptionally low cost.

Today, Quandixe is a mere shadow of the hopes its founding fathers had for the world. Although nominally designated a Corporate State, the Board of Directors is completely dominated by the Mafia. It is estimated that over 95% of the population are now Wiseguys, working in some way on the production of Megaweed. Fleets of Mafia Anacondas can be seen in the space lanes openly transporting Megaweed from Hesperides to the main planet for later distribution.

Corruption is rife and GalCop Vipers are hardly ever seen in the system's space lanes. Despite this however, the system is well policed (albeit by Mafia Sidewinders), and is one of the safest systems in the eight galaxies. Although the Mafia openly flout the GalCop Regulations banning Narcotics, this attitude does not extend to private Commanders who transport drugs. The Mafia naturally do not wish any competition to undermine their monopoly and penalties for non-Mafia drug dealers are harsh.

The current Don and Chairman of the Quandixeian Board of Directors is Unias Ilmear. The Don is a charismatic character with a weakness for gambling, both in the System’s HoOpy Casino and betting on sporting events. These events are frequently fixed by Mafia Enforcers. Relations between the Quanidixeian Mafia and the neighbouring Esreatesian Triads are strained. Many fear that all out inter-system gang war is imminent.

The Esreatesian Triads

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

The Galaxy 7 System of Esreates was first populated as a GalCop penal colony in 2807. However, between 2997 and 3007, the GalCop government chose to respond to almost every social ill by enacting criminal legislation. Over this ten year period 23,000 new criminal laws were passed and over 1,000 new offences were created. This trend continued for almost 50 years and by 3053 doing absolutely anything at all was a criminal offence. As a result Esreates suffered from massive prison over-crowding, 100 GalCop Prison Officers attempting to manage a prison population of over 2.3 billion.

Inevitably in 3054 the prisoners revolted and took over the planet. Since then the system has been an Anarchy, with the usual multiple gangs providing a type of order on the planet’s surface. In the last century the Yankisona Triad gang has come to prominence and is now the dominant Criminal Organization on the planet.

The Yankisona Triads make their living mainly by piracy. It is rumored that corrupt officials within Marett Space Corp. and Pteradyne Spacecraft provide the Triads with secret plans of Uber vessels the Companies develop for the Galactic Navy. Whatever the reason Triad pirate gangs are very effective, frequently shooting down traders travelling to the neighboring system of Quandixe. The Quandixeian Mafia are reported to be “displeased” by this activity.

The Eszausveian Dictatorship

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

Eszausve in Galaxy 7, is renowned for the fact that its solar system has four bodies. The inhabited planet is home to indigenous harmless fat birds and is orbited by a small rocky moon. The system also boats two vast gas giants, Hades and Lernean. Despite the fact that the planet’s oppressive government has been condemned many times by Amnesty InterGalactic, tourists flock to the system to enjoy the luxury Hoopy Hotels placed by the government in orbit around the system’s gas giants.

As a result of the billions of Credits flowing into the system in tourism, Eszausve is one of the richest and most technologically advanced dictatorships in the eight galaxies. This vast wealth has allowed the Eszausveian Navy to equip itself with the latest military class ships from Ramon Security Ltd. Any potential rebellions are quickly crushed by Daemon Class Cruisers and Scorpion Frigates, supported by waves of agile Mongoose light fighters.

The current “Top Bird” is Governor Ni Gere Tarkin, a particularly foul fowl and callous oppressor of his people. Although the Eszausve People's Popular Front bravely resists the oppressive regime, without any outside funding their ships are simply no match for the all-conquering Government Navy.

Soin Classic Shipyards

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

The Orramaor system in galaxy 7 is noted for its companion world Apollodorus and the extreme intelligence of its indigenous rodent inhabitants. By a strange quirk of evolution, despite the fact that these rodents are only slightly larger than an old Earth rat, they have IQs in excess of 250. As a result, this system is home to many star ship design companies. The largest such manufacturer is Soin Classic Shipyards, situated near the main Soin Clan Burrow on the southern continent.

Soin Classic Shipyards specializes in the improvement of Classic Serpent Class craft. Due to the small size of the Orramaorian rodents, very little of the ship's hull space is required for living quarters or life support, leaving much greater space for extra shield generators and larger engines. Soin Classic Shipyards provide both ships and pilots to The Augeaian Orbital Repair Facility Security Department in the Beatle System. The Soin Clan are also believed to undertake military contracts.

The current Managing Director is Be Soin; although he is in a state of semi-retirement spending most of his time working on restoring an original Bell & Braben Shipyards model vintage Adder. It is anticipated that his nephew Inno Soin will soon take over the official running of the company.

The Augeaian Orbital Repair Facility

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

The Augeain Orbital Repair Facility is situated in geo-stationary orbit around the moon Augeas in the galaxy 7 system of Beatle. In 3025, a consortium of industrious felines purchased a surplus GalCop dodecahedron station and towed it to the moon. There a starship repair yard was opened for business. Since these early beginnings the facility has established a well-deserved reputation for the affordable servicing facilities provided by its industrious work crews.

Today it is common to see as many as 30 ships powered down in the vicinity of the repair facility, whilst work crews perform repairs. As such a large number of ships would provide a tempting target for a BoyRacer with a Q-Mine; the yard is defended by a field of Mine Sweeper Satellites. These devices target active Q-Mines, destroying their working components with an EMP burst before they can detonate. It is rumored though that the defense network is not infallible.

Additional security is provided by large squadrons of Mega Kraits and Krait Interceptors, purchased from Soin Classic Shipyards. These ships patrol the system generally and the space near the repair facility in particular. Customers can rest assured that their powered down craft will remain secure whilst undergoing servicing.

The Galactic Zero-G Hockey Association

ZG Hockey League.png

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

The sport of Zero-G Hockey is extremely popular in galaxy 7, with a Galactic Cup Competition being held every year. The large lizards of the Tiared System are known to be particularly obsessed with this strange pastime.

Tiared is famous as a multi-planet system, the view from the witchpoint dominated by the sight of the large volcanic companion world Diomedes orbiting the inhabited planet. Amongst Zero-G Hockey Fans however, the system is best known as the headquarters of the Galactic Zero-G Hockey Association.

Situated on the northern continent of the planet, the association organizes the annual Galactic Cup and its members provide stewards and referees with training. Competition for the system hosting the cup is supposedly decided upon merit, although many complain that the hosting is fixed, Tiared having hosted the last five competitions.

The Zarausxeian Zero-G Hockey Team Fan Club

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

Whilst many races in galaxy 7 take an interest in the sport of Zero-G Hockey, the inhabitants of Zarausxe take this obsession to an extreme. It is estimated that at least 20% of the system’s GPP is invested in purchasing players, research into methods of genetically enhancing players’ performance and paying the absurdly high salaries demanded by players and managers.

The Zarausxeian Zero-G Hockey Team is also justly famous for possessing the largest and most dedicated fan club of any professional sports team in known space. Concerned that an accident might befall their beloved team whilst traveling to games, the Zarausxeian Fan Club recently funded the purchase of an Armoured VIP Transporter and a squadron of Nemesis Class Fighters from Ramon Security Ltd. So dedicated to the success of their team are the fans, that it is rumored they have occasionally funded assassination contracts against referees who have ruled against the team.

Griff Research Ltd

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

The Ateslete system in galaxy 7 is reasonably noted for the ice-world, Stymphal. The well known robotics company, Griff Research Ltd, operates factories over most of the planet and maintains an orbital research station near Stymphal.

The company was originally founded to produce droids and other artificial life forms, enjoying much success winning the coveted “Which Droid?” award for a decade. Perhaps their most famous design was the Robotic Cargo Loader who is still in service in all sectors. In recent years the company has diversified into building high specification ships and stations to order. Examples of their known designs include providing the Bank of the Black Monks of St Herod with a fearsome armed orbital platform and the Holy Avenger Mark II Tri-Laser Gunship.

The company's main ship design work is however highly classified, their most regular client being the Galactic Navy. Griff Research Ltd has constructed several Frigate Class vessels for the Navy, in addition to new types of weapons. No further details are available, although it is rumored that the Company is returning to its roots as a robotics company, in a current design brief.

See also the Griff Industries page.

Ramon Security Ltd

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

A sub-division of Marett Space Corp., this branch of the corporation specialises in building custom ships specifically to order for wealthy clients. Whilst the ships produced by the parent company are widely seen in the space lanes, Ramon Security builds very powerful military ships. As befits a private enterprise, Ramon Security asks no questions as to the purpose their craft will ultimately be used, one life-form’s Credits being as good as another's.

In order to provide security for the Zarausxeian Zero-G Hockey Team, the company recently out-fitted the team with an Armoured Passenger Liner. Taking a Python, the ship was heavily modified, stripping out the cargo bay in order to install an armour-plated outer hull. A large squadron of Nemesis Class Fighters provide escorts for the liner.

The company was also responsible for arming the Eszausveian Navy. Whilst the Mongoose was a lightly armed fighter, questions were asked in the GalCop Security Council over the decision to provide a dictatorship with the Scorpion Class Frigate and Daemon Class Cruiser. The Scorpion was fearsome enough, but the Daemon easily out-guns most GalCop Navy ships.

Notable Organisations of Galaxy Eight (Xrata)

Galactic Stock Exchange

Added by Iron Raven OXP

The GSE is the galaxy’s leading diversified stock exchange, with headquarters in the Corporate State of Ustiza. The exchange operates three core functions: Equity Markets, allowing companies to raise capital; Trading Services, which includes a highly active securities market; and Information Services, offering real-time prices, news and analysis to the financial community.

KSR (Kosmicheskikh Slyushba Razvedki)

Added by Iron Raven OXP

The KSR is the interstellar intelligence-gathering arm of the Communist systems, an external counterpart to the notorious Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Service is known to operate residencies in most of the galaxy’s main space stations, with its officers gathering all relevant political, industrial and commercial intelligence while working under diplomatic cover.

League of Anarchists

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The LoA is a loose confederation of organisations that claim to live by anarchist principles but are in most cases, little more than pirate gangs.

OKB Korshkov

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Korshkov is an experimental design bureau, originally affiliated to the Communist systems but which now operates as an independent commercial enterprise. Korshkov’s particular area of expertise is in propulsion technology; Korshkov was responsible for the magnetohydrodynamic drive system installed in the Strelka Cruiseliner, and the company has extensive experience in designing military-grade hyperspace engines. They are based in Aarzari.


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PleasureWorld is a popular entertainment and tourism complex located in Laxesori. Although the resort itself is operated in full accordance with GalCop law, the large volume of passing traffic has inevitably attracted undesirable elements, and outside of PleasureWorld’s security screen there has been a marked increase in the number narcotics and vice-related offences reported by local police units. The ever-busy crowds also provide a natural form of counter-surveillance and we believe many criminals make use of the complex as a secure meeting place. PleasureWord’s owners are fully aware of these problems, however, and have ensured that their staff provides full cooperation to GalCop in its investigations.

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QuiCo Pharmaceuticals

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QuiCo Pharmaceuticals is an independent biotech company based at Maenes notable for being the sole producer of Quitolline, the most effective anti-hyperspace sickness drug ever developed. Before its discovery, over 80% of all space travellers were routinely subject to the debilitating and disorientating effects of H- sickness, severely impeding the progress of colonisation across the galaxy. Quitolline is so vital to the galaxy’s wellbeing that QuiCo and its facilities have been placed under the protection of the Galactic Cooperation through the Treaty of Maenes. The terms of this agreement mean that any attempt by a member of the Cooperation to lay claim on the system will be treated as an act of war.

Sirius Corporation

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The Sirius Corporation is a powerful multinational organisation based at Tevebebi notable for its advanced antimatter-based fuel technology.

They have a rather murky history (set up by immigrants from ancient Earth) - and are rumoured to not only have supplied the "Federal Navy", but also, historically, some of their opponents! They have their own tanker fleet - and their own security force to protect it. Sirius have sponsored a number of Trumble sanctuaries across the galaxy, which have proved very popular with children and even more so with infant lobstoids.

Yokohama Exports

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Yokohama is a successful exporting business that specialises in the sale and distribution of commercial vessels such as tankers, transports and shuttles. From its head office in Aletius the company runs a large network of sales agents stretching across the galaxy, and its delivery couriers are a common sight along the busy space lanes.

Notable Organisations Table (work in progress)

Organisation OXP or Standard Galaxy
Black Monk Monasteries OXP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lavian Flight Training Academy OXP Yes (+ Optional Esteonbi, Enonla, Esanbe, Xequerin) Optional (Maesaron + Erenanri, Reveabe, Legeara, Tigeber) Optional (Radiqu + Edxeri, Ceedleon, Atius, Rerebi) Optional (Mavelege + Bemate, Cebitiza, Mausra, Ensoor) Optional (Zaaner + Vebi, Inenares, Azaenbi, Dioris) Optional (Teesso + Oresmaa, Celaan, Ariqu, Inesbe) Optional (Isdilaon + Aenbi, Ataer, Orreedon, Qutegequ) Optional (Ceenza + Aarzari, Biatzate, Inbein, Oredrier)
Taranis Corporation OXP Yes No No No No No No No
Taxi Galactica Corporation OXP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes