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The Ionics Corporation is an aerospace manufacturer founded in [YEAR] in the Zaria system.

The companies first release was a mid-sized attack vessel named the Huntsman, marketed at traders due to it's relatively large cargo hold compared to similarly sized attack vessels. It was quite successful in the nord-east of the 2nd galaxy and second-hand vessels are still quite common in the area. Despite it's local success it is rarely found elsewhere in the ooniverse. Production of the Huntsman ceased in 3081, with the release of a new attack vessel named the Whitetail. The Whitetail featured a sleek, distinctive design, 6 missile slots, and a blistering top speed of 380 LM. It was an instant success and quickly became the vessel of choice for local pirates and bounty hunters. This brought Ionics to the attention of the Zaria government who several years earlier had embarked on a successful attempt to rid the system of criminal activity including piracy and smuggling. Under the systems harsh new piracy laws, the companies directors were arrested on charges of aiding and abetting piracy. With profits from the success of the Whitetail, the company launched a reasonably successful defence to the charges and after 6 weeks of negotiations, Ionics signed an agreement that would forbid their vessels being sold to the general public. Instead the government would would let it's current contract with the [OTHER_CORP] corporation expire and Ionics would become the governments sole supplier of military vessels for a period of 10 years. This partnership turned out to be extremely profitable for Ionics, almost immediately, a new cruise vessel was designed. Named the Redback, it's primary purpose was to lead fleets of Whitetails into battle and provide a mission control centre for the fleets. It was also well equipped for fighting solo, sporting [NICE_FEATURES]

Three years after the contract was signed, war broke out between Zaria and neighbouring system Ramaza. Ionics' strong financial ties to the current government encouraged them to hire weapons experts from every corner of the galaxy and develop several new additions to the Ionics military arsenal. The rapid design and production of missiles, lasers, ECM systems and a new carrier vessel, the funnelweb, helped Zaria gain a lead in the ensuing battle and an eventual win in [YEAR]. In [YEAR], Ionics' contract was renewed with little change to terms and conditions.

In the year [YEAR], Ionics was dealt a severe blow when rising public anger over the increasingly oppressive piracy laws sparked an violent uprising resulting in the overthrowing of the government and a rewrite of the constitution which excluded Ionics' contract. Ionics entire range was once again released onto the market, but despite a successful marketing plan they have never seen profit margins like those enjoyed in the 14 year stint with the Zaria government.

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