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This category lists all the systems in Galaxy Sector 2 touched by the Ionics OXP. Most systems are located in the far 2 o'clock corner of the Galaxy Sector 2 and are part of the Teonan Web, except for Cevera, which is in the near two o'clock direction.

Chemeliads Worlds

  • Cevera is the ancestral home of the Chemeliads, a sentient race of black furry humanoids.
  • Bebege is a terraformed world rumoured to be the home of The Link.
  • Ersoonve is a famed tourist attraction and is well known for its hoopy casinos.

Human Colonial Worlds

  • Dimadi is the local economic hub with many companies being based there.
  • Ramaza is the battleground of the OXP, fighting a civil war that is to be ended.
  • Soorte's vast plantations provide much of the regions food.
  • Zaria is well known as the home of the Ionics Corporation.

Large Green Fat Humanoid Worlds

  • Legeara is a tedious little planet beset by constant civil war.