E.C.M. System

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An ECM system, or Electronic Counter Measures system, is one of the first upgrade items any starship owner should buy. (Unless he/she is planning to stick to milkruns. And even then ...) ECM will cause all primed missiles in range to auto-detonate. As with all arms-races, the military has developed ECM-hardened missiles (spacer-slang: hardheads), which are impervious to the current generation of ECM-systems, but it is only a matter of time until new ECM systems find a way to destroy them.


Press the ecm button on your console, and all non-hardened missiles will explode. It may or may not destroy hardened missiles, depending on the range. Be advised: activating ECM will cause a drain on your Energy banks, so be careful not to use it too much.


Price to fit: 600.0 ₢
At techlevel: 3


Inexperienced pilots will sometimes in panic activate their ECM many times in rapid succession. This creates a 'fuzzball', and is not recommended.


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