Fer-de-Lance (Oolite)

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Size (W×H×L) 40 m×20 m×94 m
Cargo capacity 12 TC
Cargo bay extension N/A
Maximum speed 0.3 LM
Manoeuvrability Pitch: 1.0
Roll: 3.6
Yaw: 1.0
Trust: 36
Energy banks 2
Energy recharge rate

Excellent (4.5)

Gun mounts Fore: 1x
Rear: 1x
Port: 1x
Starboard: 1x
Missile slots 2
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard Standard
Available to player Yes
Base price 485,000 Cr


Introduced in 3100 by Zorgon Petterson Group, this is the ship that brought ZPG from being an unknown ship modifier to the household name in luxury but capable ships. Designed as an executive transport for company officials who preferred to fly themselves, the ship is moderately fast, well appointed and can be equipped with fearsome weaponry and defences to keep the assassins away.

Notable features

ZPG's now famous well designed and understated luxurious interior is the hallmark of this ship, and it's what keeps the ship selling year after year - even though the ship itself is decidedly average (or below average) in many other areas. Looking at the utility value of the ship as either a fighter or light trader (the cargo bay has enough room to carry 12 TC), it is extremely poor value for money at a base price of Cr. 485,000 when you consider the base price of the Cobra Mk.III, which is a much more capable trade or fighting ship, with the base model coming in at only Cr. 150,000.

But buyers of the Fer-de-Lance are not interested in low end economy ships. The Fer-de-Lance buyer is looking at a different kind of value - engineering with no expense spared (inspect the equipment bays of a Fer-de-Lance and note how thoughtfully it has been laid out, and how the factory has gone to extra attention to de-burr all the parts leaving no sharp edges behind which catch your clothing) combined with a cabin that has been tastefully and luxuriously designed. They are not after showy 'bling' like the ratted out Cobra Mk.3 with chrome exhaust covers and 'Type R' stickers slapped on the back. Enter the bridge of the Fer-de-Lance and notice how well laid out the controls are on the Walnut Dashboard - specially devised by the leading designers at Aegidian Industries. Dock a Fer-de-Lance and notice how the fuel scoop retraction system remains powered up for a few minutes in case you forgot to close it: do that in a Cobra and you'll have to go through a complete power-on sequence to get the scoop shut again. To the buyer of a Fer-de-Lance, the value is not being the fastest or the showiest; the value is a ship that's not seemingly built to cause the captain annoyance. A Fer-de-Lance owner is not a chav; a Fer-de-Lance owner has class.

Much to ZPG's chagrin (at least in public), the ship has become a favorite amongst assassins. It is also occasionally seen in pirate hands.


Fer de Lance equipment bays come prefitted with high quality, custom designed equipment. Fittings are standardised though, so one could -as a temporary fix- replace a piece of kit with an inferior product, naturally only when no FDL-dealer is available.

Compatible equipment for this ship. Factory standard equipment is marked in bold, all other equipment can be added by the player.
Misc. Equipment Passenger Berth (2x)Fuel ScoopsEscape CapsuleAdvanced Space CompassDocking ComputersWitch Fuel InjectorsScanner Targeting EnhancementMulti-Targeting SystemGalactic Hyperdrive • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}
Weaponry Pulse LaserBeam LaserMilitary LaserMining LaserEnergy Bomb • {{{7}}} • {{{8}}} • {{{9}}} • {{{10}}} • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}
Defence E.C.M. SystemExtra Energy UnitNaval Energy UnitShield BoostersMilitary Shield EnhancementExternal Heat Shielding • {{{8}}} • {{{9}}} • {{{10}}} • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}
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Like all ships in service for a long time, over the years additional variants were introduced to the public. Please note that all of them belong to OXP's, they are not part of the core-game.

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Fer de Lance SS.PNG
Fer-de-Lance SS
Fer de Lance lightspeeder 02.PNG
FdL Lightspeeder
Fer de Lance NG 1a.png
Fer-de-Lance NG
Fer de Lance NG 2C.PNG
Fer-de-Lance NG-2
Fer de Lance 3G.PNG
Fer-de-Lance 3G
Fer de Pai 02.PNG
IA ferdelanceTC.jpg
Iron Ass FdL Turbo

Custom models and textures

Additional to the variants, several re-textures and styles are available:


The regular Fer-de-Lance as described on this page is part of the standard game. For the OXP ships please follow the links in the sections "variants" or "OXPS".

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One of my coolest flight moments was when my Cobra 3 was having a dragged out fight with a FerDeLance.

Boy, were we evenly matched! We had been trading blows for 15 minutes. Both of our shields had been drained several times and we had both chewed though our missiles. I'd barely get my last energy bank charged and then he'd pepper me with shots and I'd have to run.

Finally I said "stuff it" and decided to pull a kamikaze run. A spiralling charge sent him off running and gave me breathing time to get some energy to my shields. At this point he was back on my tail only 100m away. Feeling suicidal I slammed on the brakes, and he rammed into my ass. The hit stripped my shield, dropped me to my last quarter energy bank and maked him so much space dust!

I got the credit for the kill - and a couple of tons of luxuries for my efforts, but nothing beat the feeling of earning that hard-fought kill. KZ9999 (2009)