Ambience Collection

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Install many graphical packs (all at once) for a better look and feel for your game without changing the gameplay.

Ambience Collection

Designed to be suitable for all commanders. (downloaded 10583 times)

Better Buoys
BGS: launch sequence
System Features: Rings
BGS Soundset by P.A. Groove
Cabal Common Library
Camera Drones
Captain Solo's Good Fortune
Combat MFD
Commanders Log
Communications Pack A
Contracted Goods Reminder
Delightful Docking
Display reputation
Email System
Explorers' Club
Extracts from the Tre Clan
Famous Planets
Flight Log
Freighter Convoys
Griff Station Bundle
HD Backgrounds
HD Backgrounds Image Pack A
HD Backgrounds Image Pack B
MFD - CommsLog
MFD - Manifest
MFD - Navigation
Random Player/Ship Name
Ship Respray
Ship Storage Helper
Ship's Library
Ship's Library Book - Mutabilis
Ship's Library Book - Status Quo
System Features Rings
System Features Sunspots
Trophy Collector

Ambience OXPs affect the look of the galaxies on your viewscreen, they do not make things tougher or easier in terms of game play.

This meta-OXP will add the OXPs listed above to your collection.

In a nutshell,

Enhancing astronomical bodies in solar systems

  • Asteroid Storm - more asteroid varieties
  • Famous Planets - adds planetary descriptions to your F7 screen
  • Icesteroids - variety of asteroid
  • Satellites - added to planets
  • System Features: Rings & Sunspots

Adding to stations & ships

  • BetterBuoys - the newest ones are probably nicer than these now - Chacun a son gout!
  • Communications Pack A - brings the other ships to life!
  • Fireworks
  • Freighter Convoys - more sophisticated NPC behaviour
  • Gallery - compare different ships
  • Griff Station Bundle - alternative textures for the basic orbital stations
  • HD Backgrounds - better backgrounds for interactions inside stations
  • Randomshipnames - not quite as random as it sounds. One of the best OXPs created for the game.
  • Ship Respray
  • Trails - trails behind NPC ship engines

Adding to your ship/gameplay

Market Observer - vital for making profits on the commodity exchanges
  • BackGroundSet & BGS Soundset by P.A. Groove - much improved launch/dock & hyperspace jump sequences, in-station chatter, etc.
  • Camera Drones & TrackerCam if you are into photography
  • Commanders Log & Flight Log - remember some of what you have done
  • Contracted Goods Reminder - useful for courier jobs
  • Delightful Docking - better music for the Blue Danube docking experience
  • Display reputation - how well known a courier you are
  • Email System
  • Explorers' Club - shows where you have visited!
  • Hyperradio - music!
  • Market Observer - vital tool for trading. Vital!
  • HUD Selector with a selection of MFD's: Combat MFD, CommsLog, Manifest, Navigation
  • Random Player/Ship Name
  • Snoopers - news about the Galaxy!
  • Ship Respray
  • Ship's Library with the added books: Extracts from the Tre Clan, Mutabilis & Status Quo, Captain Solo's Good Fortune
  • Trophy Collector - a record of your victories!

Needed for the above to work

  • Cabal Common Library - a resource needed for eg. Hyperradio
  • LogEvents - allows tracking down of errors when things go wrong!
  • Ship Storage Helper - needed for Ship Respray
  • OXPConfig - allows tweaking some of the options of the above


Several of the above have since been replaced with newer OXPs which the Expansions Manager will ask you to allow it to add to the list: GNN replaces "Snoopers", and Library OXP replaces "Cabal Common Library".


License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Author: Norby

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Normally ambiences have little or no effect on gameplay. Norby has snuck in Market Observer and his Combat MFD which each have a marked effect, and make life decidedly easier!