Lore Collection (Classic Elite)

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This OXP downloads a collection of other OXPs to help emulate the cosmos described in the Lore of Classic Elite

FPO Lave
Tionisla Orbital GraveYard
Generation Ship
Deep Space Dredger
Emerald-class Liner
Ophidian yacht
Oresrian trader
Energy bomb


This OXP installs the following OXP's:

  • FPO Lave - Stranger's lore-based depiction of Lave
  • Lave Academy - the academy for training pilots
  • Tionisla Orbital Graveyard - described in the Dark Wheel
  • Jane's Galactic Shipset - restores the ship descriptions of Classic Elite
  • Generation Ships - described in the The Space Traders Flight Training Manual
  • Deep Space Dredgers - described in the The Space Traders Flight Training Manual
  • Liners - mentioned in the Dark Wheel (with Liners Markets & BigShips added for functionality)
  • Griff Ophidian - contains the Ophidian described in the Dark Wheel
  • Energy Bomb - (almost) as exists in Classic Elite and as described in The Space Traders Flight Training Manual & the Dark Wheel
  • New Cargoes - allows trade in Vargon mind-silk and Shanaskilk furs as described in the Dark Wheel.

Missing from this OXP

The following OXP's contain elements described in the Classic Elite Lore but are not included for the reasons mentioned:

  • Lave OXP - vital! But is not yet on the Expansions Manager as it is being updated. Download either the original 2006 or the new 2022 Iron Ass retextured version from the Lave OXP page and place in your AddOns Folder.
It adds advertising droids, restaurant craft, liners, trainee pilots & instructors (in Trinket ships), as well as Lave's moon, Basta.

Non-BBC variants

This OXP does not include the variants of Classic Elite for other platforms, many of which added more ships, missions etc. For a list of such ships see Jason Togneri's list here: Complete ship object list & Complete Ship List. And see Griff's ArcElite under Links, below.

Missing from Oolite entirely

  • Raxxla
  • The Dark Wheel society
  • The unregistered planet Cirag
  • Her Imperial Majesty's Space Navy (unfinished, only an alpha version exists) - but you might like the Galactic Navy OXP which may need tweaking, depending on your computer.
But if you have the skills, you could create some of these for Oolite!


Read New Cargoes Trading Advice! And take some of the training courses at the Lave Academy!



  • Griff ArcElite - new versions of the native Oolite ships textured & shaded to resemble how they originally appeared in the Acorn Archimedes version of Elite, adds some extra ships from Elite 'A', Elite2 and BBC\C64 Elite.

Download, License and other gubbins


Thanks to Spara & Phkb for helping give me the skills to do this. This meta-oxp is based on Norby's - and he was very encouraging. Others also helped & encouraged: Stranger, cag, Montana05 & Hiran.

Version History

  • Version 1.1 adopting recommendations from Phkb, Montana05 & Ramen
  • Version 1.0 Original concept, based on Classic Elite game code, The Space Traders Flight Training Manual & Holdstock's The Dark Wheel. Not enough of Imprint's lore seems to have been transmogrified into oxp's to make emulating it feasible.

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Adds markets (Dredger & Liners), training (Lave Academy) and the player-favouring energy bomb. The more challenging (and avoidable) New Cargoes does not counterbalance these benefits.