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Hiran's Oolite Communicator/Nexus (15th Dec 2021)

Ultimate Über-Meister of the Dark Arts of Datal Extraction.

  • Enabler of the Expansions Manager Listing Project, which led to every single OXZ on the Manager having its own page on the wiki.
  • Instigator of the Complete Updating Project, attempting to create a page for every Expansions Manager-listed artefact on this wiki.
See Index of artefacts‎‎ and his link there to his "HTML dump" - Hiran set it up to automatically update itself each month: it provides the ReadMe and details of the equipment and ships inside each .oxz
  • Instigator of the MultiUser OXP Project/Oolite Communicator, attempting to create an OXP allowing players to communicate and work together in-game. Currently allows communication & storage/retrieval of materials in warehouses inside the Main Orbital Stations.
See Nexus & Brainstorming for a MultiUser OXP
See SimEthereal for a Networking possibility

  • Sorted out the problems with the Windows & Linux Nightlies (and thus commenced the process of creating v.1.91 for all three platforms).
Linux Nightly (9th Feb 2022)