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The Complete Ship/Object List (or CSOL) is a document compiled by Commander Break (Jason Togneri) which contains notes and cross-references for over one hundred ships, ten space stations (six additional structural variants), thirteen miscellaneous objects, six cargo canister types, various droids and some miscellany which appear in all or most major versions of Elite, including:

Please note that duplicate or variant ships are listed in chronological order of game release. This is a straightforward chronological progression and the term Variant in the listing serves merely to distinguish two distinct ship forms, and does not intend to imply that one is the proper version, where the Elite universe has branched onto two or more new platforms simultaneously. For ease of perusal those ships’ names are in bold which are common to all major classical versions of the game - taken here as BBC Elite/direct clones and ArcElite - as well as the direct sequels, FE2 and FFE.

The Thargoids are not included because of course, they did not appear in FE2. Also, minor changes have been disregarded (for example the 'prong' on front of the Cobra Mk III in some versions, like Elite-A, as well as other structurally very minor variations, and purely cosmetic or conceptual changes).

A five-column listing compares which ships appear in which version and bolds those vessels which appear in all major versions.

Where to find it

You can find the latest version of the CSOL on Jason Togneri's CSOL page (last updated in 2010).

The current updated version (2021) is here: Complete Ship List