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Jason Togneri has written several stories set in the ArcElite universe. He is a fairly prolific writer of FEU fiction, also known as 'Break' on the EBBS, and he maintains the infamous CSOL.


The Complete Ship/Object Listing is a complete list of ships and major unique objects in the Elite universe, from versions such as the original BBC Elite and the abandoned BBC Elite 2, through Elite-A, ArcElite, and sequels, to FE2, FFE and Oolite. It combines ship notes as to game versions, and demonstrates which ships and objects are common to all. It also reproduces the OffRat/DefRat ratings from the ArcElite ship stats. The 2021 updated version is here: Complete Ship List



  • The Ballad of the Frontier Trader
  • Tales of Excitement and Adventure
  • A Lost Traveller's Memoir

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