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Christian Pinder was born in 1971, and has been programming since the early 8-bit days.

He became well known to the Elite community after reverse engineering the original BBC Micro Elite sources, and re-engineering them in C, calling the result Elite - The New Kind (or just Elite TNK for short). TNK was ultimately ported to a number of different platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, the BSDs, Solaris and some handheld platforms. Sadly, after the game was given a restrictive EULA by a third party, David Braben could no longer ignore TNK, and requested it be removed. It became quite hard to get as a consequence, although since September 2014 it is available again at Elite:The New Kind. This work did however inspire Giles Williams to write Oolite, to whom Pinder gave encouragement in the early phase of development.1

His work forms the basis of the Random number generator page.

In 2020, Christian Pinder also released an upscaled Windows port of the Acorn Archimedes' Elite.

According to Pinder's website, he is "damn handsome, has an excellent sense of humor and is very modest". Readers can make their own mind up.


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