ECM Hardened Missile

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HMX5 Missile
Size (metres, WxHxL) 1.4 x 1.4 x 8.0
Maximum speed 0.75 LM
Maneuverability Roll: 10.0
Pitch: 8.0
Explosive yield 4500 GJ
Blast radius 250 m
OXP or standard Standard
Cost 350.0 ₢
TL Availability 10
Missile bay icons: Missile, ECM-hardened missile, Quirium cascade bomb, Repair nanobots (oxp), Salvage missile (oxp)


At last, a missile that stands an excellent chance of doing its job, as opposed to its usually futile predecessor. This weapon often proves its worth, but at a cost that makes stingy commanders hesitate to use them.


Missiles were fast becoming useless as every pilot who expected to get in a dog-fight would have the Thargoid-inspired E.C.M. Systems installed. The growing number of missile-refunds paid out to dissatisfied customers made extremely depressing reading to the missile-manufacturing industry.

It was even declared that missile technology was a science of the ancient past, and remote controlled craft were to be the next big thing. The secret development of the ECM-hardened HMX5 homing missile, by Faulcon de Lacy, followed by great surprise as it was unveiled, has put missiles back on wish lists of Naval requisition officers everywhere.

FdL is back in business and stocks are up.


Price to fit: 350.0 ₢.
Techlevel: 10
Mounts one ECM-Hardened missile. 
Price to remove: 20.0 ₢
Techlevel: 1
Unmounts all missiles and re-sells them at full market value.

see also Missile tactics - How to get best use of a hardened missile


I think it's kind of odd that a standard missile takes 15 minutes to install, but an ECM hardened mission takes over an hour. Why is that? I mean, it's getting put into the same slot.

If you think this seems odd too, then this little tweak is for you. From Oolite version 1.81 and onwards we can set the installation time of equipment. So, to give ECM missiles the same installation time as a standard missile, all you do is this.

1. Find the "equipment.plist" file in your folder.
2. Back it up in case of disaster!
3. Find the ECM missile entry in the file
4. Add "installation_time = 900;" to the dataset, so it ends up looking like this:
	( /* ecm hardened missile */
		9, 3500, "ECM Hardened Missile",
		"Faulcon de Lacy HMX5 homing missile - hardened against ECM.",
			condition_script = "oolite-conditions.js";
			available_to_all = true;
			"installation_time" = 900;
			/* NOTE: for reasons of backwards compatibility, this defaults to true for equipment whose key ends with MISSILE or MINE. */
			requires_empty_pylon = true;
			/* NOTE: this is always zero for pylon-mounted equipment */
			damage_probability = 0;

5. Save the file, and restart Oolite while holding the shift key down, and you're done.
By Phkb (2015)


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