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  Techlevel: 10
  Techlevel: 10
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Mining lasers are highly powered, slow firing Pulse Lasers which are tuned to fragment asteroids. Where other weapons would have little effect, or blast an asteroid beyond mineral retrieval, this is an effective tool. Only ships exclusively dedicated to mining would have this equipment mounted fore, as they would be an agonizing main weapon to take into battle, however it is rumoured that experienced, unscrupulous pirates sometimes use these to provoke involuntary cargo ejections in their victims.

Sales Pitch

Kruger Model ARM64 Sp. Mining laser is highly recommended as both a trade and combat addition. Uses variable frequency laser rods of 200mm length, fired in wide beam, 100 channels/beam. Automatic debris-pattern lock ensures no fragments of large size of target asteroid impinge on ship space. Can be fitted with a fuel and matter scoop.


Cost: 800.0 Cr.
Techlevel: 10

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