Extra Energy Unit

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The energy banks now recharge more quickly!
Vimana HUD EEU icon


Basic energy banks have standard fittings for an additional generator, improving the rate at which your energy banks are able to recharge. Note that an EEU is not the same as an extra energy bank! Manufacturers include Berner Workshops, a subsidiary of Aegidian Industries based at Xexedi.

The reason that doubled energy units are not standard in of-the-'yard ships is affordability.



Techlevel: 9
Price: 1500 ₢.

Military Energy

Naturally the navy has military-issue energy units. No iron ass is complete without one of those. One of the manufacturers is Aegidian Spaceworks.


EEU can also stand for the Emergency Energy Unit, an OXP optional addition found in the Energy Equipment OXP.

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