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There is Music - and then there are Sound-sets (docking sounds, comms sounds within the aegis, F3 shipyard sounds, etc).


The following OXP's add music to your game:

Music for playing the game to

(these all need Library to function)

Alternative Docking music

Alternative Game Start Music

  • XenonUI adds different music for the game start (2015-date)



This is a list of the more modern sound-sets. See Category:Sound Sets OXPs for the complete list of a couple of dozen.

  • BGS adds relevant noises - and has optional add-ons adding more (2010-date)
BGS Soundset by P.A. Groove
BGS Soundset/Images by Keeper
BGS female comms chatter patch (2014, by Diziet Sma) - since combined into BGS
  • Engine Sound: engine sound that follows the speed of your ship (2014-15)
  • Engine Sound FG: engine sound that follows the speed of your ship, thruster sounds when maneuvering, and some additional sounds (2015).
  • There are a number of old sound .oxp's importing sounds from older versions of Elite, etc. See here: All OXPs by Category (an old 2010-13 OXP list)
  • Dangerous HUD contains a new sound-set (2018 - 3 HUD styles for each of 6 colours - white, purple, pink, green, blue & orange).

  • The original 2009 version of Famous Planets OXP had music for visiting specific systems (Diso, Isinor, Lave, Leesti, Lerelace, Reorte, Teraed, Tianve, Tionisla & Zaonce). This was removed in the later versions. This version is now lost.

Other Sound-related


Oolite Community musicians (partial list)

Our Oolite community has been blessed by the talents of our musicians, who have contributed widely to our game. Not just music!