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NoSleep or No Sleep Nigel is a music professional who wrote the Oolite title screen theme, and performed the Oolite docking music version of the Johann Strauss II "An der schönen, blauen Donau", Op. 314 ("The Blue Danube"), using a (simulated) glass harmonica.

He is believed to have been the very first Oolite playtester, the nascent project brought to his attention by JonnyCuba in the spring of 2004, but edged ahead of his friend by a few hours in the all-time chronology of playtesters.

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Post by NoSleep Sun Aug 30, 2020 2:15 pm

I found Alite by searching to see if there was an Android version of Elite (I figured there would be a chance that something like this existed). I then found the original Alite and saw that nothing had been updated for three years. Then I went to the Oolite* forum  to see if there were any discussions about Alite and discovered the announcement about Alite2020.

I'm not going to mess with any OXPs for a while; just play some vanilla Alite and get the feel of the controls again (haven't played much of any version of Elite for a while now). But Elite is one of those games that I can never forget so I always come back to it. I've always thought of it as an RPG (after you grasped the mechanics of the game) but an RPG that is completely open-ended, unlike any other.

*I was the first ever alpha tester for Oolite and also the composer of the title music, which I did as a gift to Aegidian for launching Oolite.

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Post by NoSleep Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:05 pm

When I said "alpha tester" I meant I was playing the alpha versions of Oolite (when it was Mac only) and providing feedback to Aegidian. Just thought I'd clarify that; I've not even written a script for Oolite let alone done any coding, although I've always owned a computer since the early 80's.

I'll be spreading the word about Alite2020 whenever I see an opportunity. My good friend, jonnycuba (who was the 2nd alpha tester of Oolite) will probably make an appearance here soon, once he bins his iPhone for a brand new Fairphone.

I doubt that I will be making too many suggestions without considering their practicability. I remember hankering for Oolite to become a multiplayer game; not an MMO, but maybe a single system where players could Free For All or Team Deathmatch, kind of Quake In Space, but that's a whole other game in fact. So I'll be taking care to hold on my enthusiasm for making wild suggestions.

The one thing I think would help the game immensely is to make the installation a tad more straightforward (user-friendlyidiot-proof) so that Alite2020 could make its home in some appstores and pick up a following. I had to hunt you down.

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Sadly, Alite 2000 seems to have followed Alite into the maw of the Witchspace Lobster. How Aegidian survived, Giles only knows!


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