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Jaguar Company
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Version 2.5.29 (2013-11-10)
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Stations Jaguar Company Base
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Category Mechanics OXPs
Author Tricky
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Sometime ago I posted some images on the Screenshots thread of the Oolite BB, of what is possible with Griff's multi-decal Player Cobra Mk III OXP. I mentioned that I have a lioness on the back of my Cobbie 3 hunters. El Viejo suggested that jaguars might be better. This formed an idea in my head and Jaguar Company was born.


Adds in an Elite group of pilots to patrol the space lanes in Anarchy, Feudal and Multi-Government systems. Jaguar Company can also be found sometimes in interstellar space.

The members of Jaguar Company are part-time reservists so there is a chance that they will appear if there is a major Galactic Naval convoy in the system.

This OXP adds new equipment, a new missile and a black box locator.


Optional OXPs

  • OXPConfig - For log control of this OXP.
  • Snoopers OXP - For news alerts from various sources including Jaguar Company pilots.
  • Galactic Navy - Jaguar Company sometimes patrol with the Galactic Navy.

This is highly recommended.

  • Talkative_Space_Compass - Easy identification of Jaguar Company beacon codes. (Or a HUD that does similar reporting.)

Jaguar Company

Jaguar Company 3.png
Jaguar Company 1.png
Half of Jaguar Company
Jaguar Company 2.png
Jaguar Company

Jaguar Company Base

On docking approach


The market of any of the bases depends on the reputation of the player. Reputation is built-up by helping out Jaguar Company in combat.

Normal Market
Commodity Prices Quantities
  Low Avg High Low Avg High
Food 4.0₢ 6.8₢ 9.6₢ 0TC 4TC 8TC
Textiles 6.4₢ 8.4₢ 10.4₢ 0TC 5TC 10TC
Radioactives 12.4₢ 18.0₢ 23.6₢ 7TC 21TC 35TC
Slaves 0.4₢ 6.2₢ 12.0₢ 0TC 0TC 0TC
Liquor/Wines 24.4₢ 34.4₢ 44.4₢ 0TC 4TC 9TC
Luxuries 81.2₢ 91.6₢ 102.0₢ 0TC 3TC 7TC
Narcotics 0.4₢ 5.2₢ 10.0₢ 0TC 0TC 0TC
Computers 65.6₢ 83.8₢ 102.0₢ 0TC 5TC 11TC
Machinery 50.8₢ 60.6₢ 70.4₢ 0TC 3TC 7TC
Alloys 28.8₢ 36.4₢ 44.0₢ 15TC 34TC 53TC
Firearms 41.6₢ 61.2₢ 80.8₢ 18TC 29TC 40TC
Furs 48.4₢ 73.6₢ 98.8₢ 0TC 8TC 16TC
Minerals 8.0₢ 10.0₢ 12.0₢ 53TC 58TC 63TC
Gold 26.4₢ 29.2₢ 32.0₢ 5kg 12kg 19kg
Platinum 58.0₢ 67.0₢ 76.0₢ 4kg 33kg 63kg
Gem-Stones 11.2₢ 15.6₢ 20.0₢ 3g 10g 17g
Alien Items 27.6₢ 50.0₢ 72.4₢ 0TC 0TC 0TC
Extended Market
Commodity Prices Quantities
  Low Avg High Low Avg High
Food 5.2₢ 8.0₢ 10.8₢ 0TC 7TC 15TC
Textiles 7.6₢ 9.6₢ 11.6₢ 0TC 8TC 17TC
Radioactives 8.4₢ 14.0₢ 19.6₢ 15TC 29TC 43TC
Slaves 0.4₢ 6.2₢ 12.0₢ 0TC 0TC 0TC
Liquor/Wines 29.2₢ 39.2₢ 49.2₢ 0TC 8TC 17TC
Luxuries 86.8₢ 94.4₢ 102.0₢ 0TC 7TC 15TC
Narcotics 0.4₢ 5.2₢ 10.0₢ 0TC 0TC 0TC
Computers 74.0₢ 88.0₢ 102.0₢ 0TC 9TC 18TC
Machinery 54.8₢ 64.6₢ 74.4₢ 0TC 6TC 13TC
Alloys 25.2₢ 32.8₢ 40.4₢ 25TC 44TC 63TC
Firearms 36.0₢ 55.6₢ 75.2₢ 27TC 38TC 49TC
Furs 51.6₢ 76.8₢ 102.0₢ 0TC 12TC 25TC
Minerals 6.0₢ 8.0₢ 10.0₢ 56TC 59TC 63TC
Gold 31.2₢ 34.0₢ 36.8₢ 13kg 20kg 27kg
Platinum 54.4₢ 63.4₢ 72.4₢ 11kg 37kg 63kg
Gem-Stones 7.2₢ 11.6₢ 16.0₢ 15g 22g 29g
Alien Items 38.4₢ 60.8₢ 83.2₢ 0TC 0TC 0TC


  • Now downloadable through the in-game Expansions Manager (as a Mechanics OXP). v.2.5.29 (put on EM in 2015)


Only place one of these in your AddOns directory!

  • Zip file - After unzipping, move or copy the folder, "Jaguar_Company_2.5.oxp", into your AddOns directory.
  • OXZ file - Just place this file in your AddOns directory.


Delete the directory, "Jaguar_Company_2.5.oxp", or the OXZ file, Jaguar_Company_2.5r29.oxz, from your AddOns directory.

Version History

v2.5r29 (2013-11-10)

  • This OXP now requires Cabal Common Library.
  • Proper integration for Oolite v1.77 and newer with the interface screen for base locations.
  • Added check for blackbox + software patch for base locations in the $addInterface() function.
  • Renamed the vertex and fragment shaders.
  • Rewritten $listNames() to use Cabal Common Library for truncating, padding and creating columns.
    • Oolite v1.76.1 and older use the original method of padding rows. Spaces.
    • Oolite v1.77 and newer use Cabal Common Library v1.7 strAdd2Columns() and strAddIndentedText() to create the rows.
  • Removed some dead/unused code.
  • Fixed ghost messages appearing on the player's console. I forgot player.consoleMessage() isn't distance dependant. It obviously isn't, however these minor bugettes happen from time to time. ;)
  • Multiple rescue news implementation.
  • Clean up of code in guiScreenChanged().
  • Changed key combination to show list of base locations to F7, F5.
    • Oolite v1.77 and newer use the interface API when docked.
  • Lowered max cargo space to 10TC to explain extra speed.
  • AI tweaks.
  • New ship to patrol the area around the base.
  • Allow auto dock with the base once you have the black box.
  • Only use one mission variable. Old mission variables will be converted.
  • Changed the operation of the black box tracker.
    • 'n' toggles the ASC tracker on or off.
    • 'b' toggles the holo tracker on or off.
  • jaguar_company_attackers.js now called jaguar_company_ships.js
    • Common code moved here and is hooked in to the ship script when a ship is spawned.
  • Check the Patrol ships, tug, buoy and miner within the code for the base.

For a full version history see Version History.


An addon for Oolite by Giles Williams, Jens Ayton & contributors.

Based on Elite by Ian Bell and David Braben.


  • Models, textures and shaders for the Cobra MkIII, ECM proof missile and Transporter.
    • Both regular and scuffed versions of the multi-decal Cobra MkIII are used.


  • External missile code found in Griff's example for missile sub-entities on a Cobra MkIII.
  • Code example to stop Jaguar Company from breaking a core mission for the player if they accidently help out.
    • Various OXPs.
  • Inspiration for the invisible tracker from Tracker OXP.
  • AI inspiration from Hired Guns OXP.

Little Bear

  • Examples of messages for friendly fire and hostile fire from Random Hits OXP.

Eric Walch



Copyright © 2012-2013 Richard Thomas Harrison (Tricky)

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

To view a copy of this license, visit Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

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2.5.29 2013-11-10 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 New patrol Mechanics OXPs Tricky BB-Link