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About phkb

phkb stands for "play hard, kick butt", to which there is a long and funny story - but not funny enough for this forum. phkb's real name is Nick Rogers, which is what he tends to call himself, rather than an unpronounceable acronym. If you absolutely have to have a pronunciation, then he would suggest adding an "i" and "o" to make it "pihkob", PIH-kob.

Nick first played Elite on the Commodore 64 in the late 80's, rising to the level of Deadly before his C64 was "borrowed" and then never returned. He discovered Oolite at around version 1.70, and has been playing quite a bit since.

Sometime after the release of 1.80 he decided to try his hand at writing his own components and customisations for the game. He now requires a constant supply of dark side cookies to feed his habit.

Nick is currently CEO of Xenon Industries, whose operating mantra is to "make it look good". He's moved on from his Cobra III-XT, and is now strutting his stuff in a shiny new Python ET Special, but still seems to spend a lot of time writing expansion packs.

phkb's OXPs

You can download all my OXP's via the download manager within Oolite itself. Or you can download them from here. It's up to you!

AutoDock (downloaded 2687 times) gives players without a docking computer the ability to use computer-controlled docking systems at main stations for a small fee.

Auto-prime equipment (downloaded 86 times) helps pilots manage connections between MFD's and primable equipment items by auto-priming the equipment whenever the MFD is changed or selected. Requires Oolite 1.85/86.

Bounty System (downloaded 2295 times) changes the way bounties are stored and processed, making the bounty system a bit deeper and richer.

BroadcastComms MFD (downloaded 5787 times) provides a way of communicating with other ships during flight.

Bulk Cargo Processor (downloaded 460 times) provides a way to quickly dump or destroy cargo in your hold during flight.

Bulletin Board Contracts (downloaded 1012 times) moves all the cargo, passengers and parcel contracts onto the Bulletin Board, instead of having three different F4 interface screens. Smuggling contracts from the Smugglers OXP are also moved onto the Bulletin Board. Can optionally include Escort Contracts, Rescue Station contracts, Random Hits contracts, In-System Taxi contracts and mining contracts.

Bulletin Board System (downloaded 3351 times) is a utility designed to help OXP authors add custom missions to the Oolite universe.

Comms Log MFD (downloaded 10961 times) displays all communications received by the player in a scrollable multi-function display, as well as an interface screen that provides access to the communications log while docked.

Compressed F7 Layout (downloaded 119 times) compresses all the information on the F7 screen, removing all the blank lines, as well as moving data from Distant Suns and Explorers Club into the top part of the screen. Requires Oolite 1.85/86 and the System Data Config OXP.

Damage Report MFD (downloaded 3506 times) lists all damaged equipment in a MFD, as well as providing an interface screen that can help locate the closest system where repairs can be carried out.

Death Comms (downloaded 3724 times) attempts to add a bit of flavour to battles by sometimes having ships give a final comms message when they die.

Display Current Course (downloaded 2286 times) displays your current course on contract detail screens (and most other mission screens that display a long range chart), enabling the player to see if their current course is similar to the proposed course.

Email System (downloaded 12890 times) gives pilots an email interface, and they will start receiving emails from GalCop and other entities, confirming actions that have taken place.

Equipment Remove Item Color (downloaded 144 times) changes the color of equipment items described as "Remove", to make them stand out from standard equipment items. Requires Oolite 1.85/86.

Escape Pod Tweaks (downloaded 155 times) changes the way escape pods are processed to make it more logical. Requires Oolite 1.85/86.

Fast Target Selector (downloaded 3030 times) helps pilots target ships on their scanner quickly and easily, and also highlights the current target on the scanner.

Fuel Tweaks (downloaded 398 times) attempts to make fuel scooping a more desirable pastime by adding Quirium Fuel as a new commodity, and by providing functions and controls to change the way fuel is handled at stations.

GalCop Galactic Registry (downloaded 4070 times) give pilots access to galactic chart data to aid in course plotting.

GalCop Missions (downloaded 454 times) adds a number of replayable missions, accessible through the Bulletin Board System, to give players more things to do in and around each system.

GalCop's Most Wanted expands on the Bounty System by adding a list of criminals who have a significant bounty with GalCop. The player can try to track down these bounties down by using logic and deduction about where those targets are likely to be.

Illicit Unlock (downloaded 1880 times) unlocks player versions of all the core ships, including the Constrictor, Gecko, Krait and Sidewinder.

Laser Mount Switching System (LMSS) (downloaded 4489 times) enables multiple lasers to be installed at each mount point, and easily switch between them during flight.

ManualWitchspaceAlignment.oxz v1.4 (downloaded 99 times) makes the process of entering hyperspace a bit more interactive by requiring the player to manually align their ship with a hyperspace destination beacon. Requires Oolite 1.85/86.

MFD Fast Configuration (downloaded 1783 times) helps pilots manage MFD configurations by providing up to 6 different sets that can be loaded quickly and easily.

Modern Start (downloaded 1089 times) adds new starting options to the game, providing a small selection of equipment that is considered standard in many other space combat/trading games.

Ship Comparison (downloaded 2554 times) helps players in the market for a new ship, by providing a means by which the specifications of up to 3 different ships can be viewed at once.

Ship Configuration (downloaded 981 times) aims to make the process of adding equipment to your ship more deliberate by adding space and weight factors to all equipment in all ships.

Ship Repurchase aims to make escape pods a more integral part of the player's life, by forcing the player to eject and by giving the player options about the replacement ship they will receive when they are rescued.

Ship Respray (downloaded 9944 times) gives players the opportunity to purchase a new paint job for their ship.

Smugglers - The Galactic Underworld (downloaded 2200 times) broadens the appeal of illegal goods by making it far more variable, adds smuggling compartments and a Black Market interface, and generally tries to shake up the cargo business.

Station Dock Control (downloaded 4531 times) simulates the arrivals and departures of a space station, and gives the player full view of most ships docked at a station.

System Data Config (downloaded 133 times) allows OXP configuration of the layout of the System Data (F7) screen. Requires Oolite 1.85/86.

Xenon HUD (downloaded 3544 times) groups important gauges around the crosshairs, and uses custom crosshair images.

Xenon UI (downloaded 4197 times) adds computer console-like backgrounds to all the various displays, plus new title screen theme music.

phkb has authored a couple of font OXP's, which you can find on the Oolite Fonts page.


phkb is the maintainer of the following OXP's

Alternate Download Location

An alternative download location for most of these OXP's can be found on

HTML Galaxy Maps

phkb has also put together a downloadable version of the New Galaxy Guide, which provides a way for players to have offline access to most of the information contained on the Wiki pages.

See this BB Link for details.
The zip package can be downloaded from here:

You will need a browser that supports HTML5.


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