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Visit Tianve! Home of the galaxy famous Pulsar and the legendary Elite Combateer 'Rebecca Weston'.

Visit the only known Pulsar in drive range! Book passage on one of the famous Murgh 'SpaceFlare' Tourist Liners or make your own way there in one of our Rental Vehicles! Switch your advanced scanner to position 'P' when in-system.

Please note, the Pulsar is some way from the Tianve System. Please bring adequate supplies as the trip can be quite long. Visitors are recommended to book early as the Tianve system can get quite busy at times. Liners have priority in all spacelanes.

Tianve is home to the legendary Elite Combateer 'Rebecca Weston', a detailed biography of Tianve's most famous resident can be found in Status Quo.

Additional : Zero-gee Cricket is banned on Tianve in order to preserve equanimity for the native feline population.


You can download Tianve v1.3 on the author's website here.