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Taxi Galactica has expanded it's repertoire from interstellar taxi service to in-system taxi service. If you need to get from Kiota Manufacturing Station to RRS Station, Taxi Galactica's in-system taxi service is here for you. Just call our in-system taxi center, and we'll send a cab for you.


This oxp adds in-system passenger contracts to the game. These contracts are fast deliveries from one station to another that must be executed in given time (~15 - 30 min). For a succesful delivery you are paid a fee of ~5-40 credits, depending on distance of the starting point and destination as well as your performance.

With In-System Taxi Comms device you can get receive in-system passenger contract offers through your Comms while you are in flight. The device can be bought from Taxi Galactica stations or if that oxp is not present from main stations.

Type of the contracts offered depends on the oxps installed.

Usage with other oxps

You must meet at least one of the following conditions for this oxp to do anything.

1. Some odd oxp stations installed, like WildShips OXP.

With some extra stations installed you get in-system station to station passenger contracts. If there is a passenger waiting at the station you currently are, he/she/it can be found from the interfaces screen (f4). Look for In-system taxi deliveries. If you accept a contract, launch and fly to the destination station. If you reach it in time, you will be thanked and payed. If you performed good, you'll get a premium.

2. Taxi Galactica oxp installed

From Taxi Galactica Station you can buy an In-System Taxi Comms device. The device allows you to receive in-system passenger contract offers through your Comms while you are cruising. To buy such a device, you must have the advanced space compass and at least one passenger berth installed. Device costs you 90 credits. After you have bought the device you have a new primable equipment that is used for accepting in-system taxi offers in-flight. After receiving an offer through comms, you have 60 seconds to accept it. (select equipment with shift-n and activate it with n). After accepting the contract, it is added to your manifest screen. Next pick the passenger from the correct station. You'll be notified, when he/she/it is on board.

Taxi Comms goes to "Taxi unavailable" mode on condition red and stays that way. Mode can be toggled between "Taxi available" and "Taxi unavailable" by priming (shift-n and b). After launch and hyperspace, mode is resetted to "Taxi available." This behaviour can be changed through a variable in taxi_worldscript.js.

3. Planetfall OXP and Planetary Compass OXP installed

These two oxps add planetside locations to in-system passenger contracts. You must have Planetary Landing Cababilities to be offered contracts.

4. Liners oxp installed

This oxp adds liners that are currently in system to in-system passenger contracts.

Some notes

  • Only one in-system passenger is allowed at a time.
  • Accepted contract can be cancelled by activating the primable equipment second time. The passenger must not have boarded yet.
  • Systems with more stations are more likely to offer contracts than systems with fewer stations.
  • In-system contract, along with a possible passenger, is reseted when loading a saved game.
  • Reset to "Taxi available" mode on lauch and hyperspace can be switched off from this.$availableOnLaunch variable in taxi_worldscript.js.
  • In-flight offers' pickup points are limited to max 1000 km dist from player. Max distance is toggleable via this.$maxDistance variable.


Taxi Galactica logo used in a background image.


Oolite version 1.79.

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